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  1. Not sure if anyone has said anything like this, but I thought I'd share my views about Thanks vs. likes. I view 'likes' as something that can be used to build up your reputation and 'thanks' are for something that you did above and beyond someones expectations or that is really helpful. Likes = Good and Thanks = perfect. One problem is that when you open a cdlc page, it seems to go to the page that you cannot submit a thanks, only likes. And then there is another version of the cdlc page (for instance, go to content and click on a song that you perhaps submitted or commented on) and it enables you to like and thank. For these two pages, I also noticed, the 'likes' are kept separate.
  2. I see 3,004 entries. You owe me a bonus 4 :) Only another two million or so songs to go, and we'll have things pretty much covered. :cool: Challenge Accepted.
  3. I had created a cdlc of Heavy Metal (Assuming it's the one by Hagar), and used a tone by Rush. But I had used the Unboxed version, rather than the Red version. I point this out because I do believe there are more tabs for the version from Red.
  4. I've been having the same problem with Bass. Works fine with guitar.
  5. I need Tremolo and Solo tones for pretty much the whole discography for Audioslave. I have Distortion Tones.
  6. I could use some help creating tones for all of the songs from the first album of Audioslave.... Hypnotize, Bring Em Back Alive, etc. Thanks!
  7. I don't have access to YouTube, so I cannot post a certain song. I would like tone suggestions on 'By the Sword' by Slash (feat. Andrew Stockdale). Would like suggestions on the steel acoustic, the Lead and Rhythm [both Overdrive] and the Solo [Clean].
  8. Happy Birthday Unleashed2k! Thanks for everything you've done for us all!
  9. Keep up the good work! Don't forget to use this as a tone resource: https://www.dropbox....9b54d/ps4LuvWGW
  10. If you have a song suggestion, please leave a comment below!

    1. mlanenga


      How about Be Yourself by Audioslave or Doesn't Remind Me

    2. Liquidlizard


      I've got 2 requests for Doesn't Remind Me, so I will probably have it up by the end of today! Thanks! :)

  11. Just have to look around on google at ratings. Amazon is a good place to get a guitar. Refurbished ones are probably best because most everything is already set up. I would look into Epiphone personally; Quality guitars at a low price. First guitar won't really be anything super special.
  12. Since this post is about slides... I'd like to ask how I can change this into a slide... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=235966112
  13. The Cult - Soldier Blue. I loved the drumming.
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