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  1. Zelden

    CDLC Requests

    If anyone could bring tracks to life from this underrated game that'd be awesome. The guitar and overall vibe is absolutely brilliant.
  2. Zelden

    CDLC Requests

    Indulge a spaceships fan and chart this brilliant track by Permaband Additional request for this track from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 https://youtu.be/UY-T6I0PxZs?list=RDRQyReIpu9JI Thank you!
  3. There's a good point being made about feedback for a user being better than just filtering out their content, and I agree to an extent. On a couple of occasions where there are minor problems I feel more than comfortable to point out a small error or make a suggestion to use a different tone and provide an example. My main point for complaint is when users upload a high volume of bad DLC in a short period - sometimes you'll check the page to find the same guy posting 16-18 tracks at once, with a couple of different uploaders mixed into the list - which can be easy to miss when you're trying to avoid a large block of "bad" DLC. In some cases where there is a lot wrong, I'm at loss at what to suggest. I'm simply a user, not a creator, so I'm not in a position to make suggestions on how to make better tracks because I have no idea about the process. One could even say "what gives you the right to criticise when you make nothing yourself" - and to be honest I can't disagree with that, ultimately people that are trying to provide CDLC are ultimately just trying to provide for others. I do disagree however that filtering will mean that I miss a "good" DLC by a user. Typically if I've got to the point of actively avoiding downloads because of the quality, it's very very unlikely that I'll download one to give it a try. Actually the only way I end up realising it's the same users initially is because I've accidentally downloaded a track and looked up the user after I found it unplayable. I look forward to however community mods are going to introduce rating, and given the responses so far I'm pretty optimistic that time is being take to implement a system that encourages more people entering the CDLC pool whilst improving the overall quality of user submissions. In the meantime maybe it's time that I take a look at the CDLC creation guide and give it a go myself before I throw anymore stones from my greenhouse.
  4. +1 to this, but it'd be great if you could extend it to ignore by creator. There's a particular DLC creator that consistently make a high volume of low quality DLCs that spam up the page and it's a pain to have to filter through or to end up downloading a track only to realise it's another terrible release. I came to the forum with the intention of making a post to suggest this so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.
  5. I was listening to Radio II whilst driving today and they advertised a vote for the "top 100 guitar riffs" On their website here is a list of guitar riffs, with an audio sample and a vote option. So what do you guys reckon is the best guitar riff of the bunch listed? -http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3CPpg0bvRvy4kVLtv49MyD6/radio-2-top-100-greatest-guitar-riffs-vote Also if any CDLC's makers are looking for a new song to make, it's a good source for inspiration :P I think I've got to go with "Ain't talkin bout Love"
  6. When I first started downloading 'em, the only thing that would work was copy and pasting using short cuts, not moving them or anything. Bit of a long shot but worth a try I always move them with shortcuts, could try moving them across folders though I guess
  7. I'm having an issue that is somewhat similar, except that instead of CDLC's suddenly disappearing, some just don't appear at all ever. For example I recently download "Fields of Gold" by Sting and it has never showed up in the playlist despite being in the correct folder.
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