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  1. I don't understand why posting 4 times to communicate with others who have posted in this thread is something you find hard to believe. If I see that almost all the cdlc a charter made is intolerable, I'm not going to bother commenting on every single song he/she's uploaded and ask him/her to re-do everything. I'd rather mark them down (the songs, not the user) so when I do look for said songs in the future, I'll know which songs I've tried and did not like in an instant. Instead of depending on memory. Hell, I might even give some feedback if I know which songs have issues by marking them.
  2. I understand, and perhaps blocking users is indeed unnecessary. What I really want is something similar to "add to collection" button for disliked CDLC. It can still remain in the search page, but that way we'd at least know what we've already tried and disliked.
  3. The reason to deal with it is because we are a community ( and a good community ). The majority of users here are only too willing to help if they can and I'm sure a high percentage only want to better the community. There are ways of making comments that don't upset the uploader ( it's not always possible as we are only human ). Personally if I upload a custom , I welcome comments telling me what's wrong with it. It is far better to let the user know that there are mistakes in his custom than to just filter them out. This is how a community works , you don't ostracize someone for making mista
  4. a pain ? really ? moving the mouse wheel a bit or clicking next page. Jeez man you need to relax more if thats a pain , you'll live longer. Have you tried posting comments on the actual custom about "low quality" to let the uploader know? Adding more filtering options will not upset any users, it will only make certain users happier. I don't understand why your solution is to "deal with it (pain)".
  5. Hello CustomsForge, I've read a lot about the controversy regarding the lack of rating system. I just need a way to mark/hide/ignore the CDLC I've tried and disliked (marking/ignoring certain uploaders would be nice too) . Is there a way to do it? If not, I'd like to suggest adding such functionality. This way if someone uploads the same song in a different "style", we can only see what is new and avoid what we've already tried. I have nothing against people trying their best and failing to produce accurate songs, I just don't want them to clutter my search page if it can be helped. Thanks.
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