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  1. lets see if this link works better. it seemed to work when i tried it directly,sooooo http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=404313800 thanks for letting me know of the issue.
  2. not sure if i'm in right section, but is there a way people are posting their screen captures? seems when i try to, only thing it will allow it the url. am i missing something painfully simple? thanks
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094950878/screenshot/526132049035640610 wasn't able the set the score attack, so i assume 100& riff repeat next best thing. if not i'll try another later. just really glad to have this competition to help push me along now that i can make my fingers respond now and then. again, thanks to all involved.
  4. thanks for the info, makes more sense now.
  5. i really like the new ignition, but i'm feeling rather dense at the moment. on the left you have the pulldown with choice to download only, or download and add to collection. can someone enlighten me about the collection thanks
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094950878/screenshot/526131074799330863 this week was much tougher for me anyway, but i appreciate all the choices anyway. tupoloflyer
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094950878/screenshots/
  8. if you look at the search bar on the top left, on the immediate right of the search bar you will see two (2) boxes, the one with the circular arrow is the reset. that is what I used to get my listings back. apparently I had something wonky in my selected filters
  9. I changed some filters the last visit, now this time I get 0 of 11,*** entries. did I mess something up or is there maint/changes being done? I forgot to check far enough in the previous posts, I did see a similar topic so I'm going to try that. sorry for the duplication. p.s. I really like the new ignition so far
  10. not sure if you've had any luck yet, but have you tried here stewmac.com? they carry a lot of components and I know they have some push pull, not sure if what you are needing though.
  11. thank you thank you thank you, I had forgotten about the file, although when you mentioned it I had a vague recollection. that did the trick. again many thanks for you superb help
  12. forgive me If this is common sense, but does that mean I will need to reload my cdlc? or what direction should I be looking/heading to correct this. I have found some songs that will work okay, the ones with the game of course and a few cdlc. I seem to remember some time back there was a file that needed to be downloaded, is this in relation and can you remind me where to look again. after a weeks vacation my gray matter isn't firing at full speed yet. thank you for the response, I am still impressed how helpful all on this site are.
  13. this may be tied to the problems we've been having with the profile corrupting, but I don't know. I tried to get on tonight after being away on vacation and now songs that I have been playing for weeks refuse to load up. I can tune then it will hang, or sometimes it won't even get that far. I tried starting a new profile, reloading an existing previous profile. I really don't know where to check next. it was inconvenient to redo my profile before, this really is a pain now. I went back to the original rs and it plays and works fine, just rs14. anyone else have somethine like this, or any ideas to try?
  14. im not sure if the same way, when I close down I right click back to main screen then right click to get the shut down. I think that goes twice then im back to the desktop. im on a pc by the way. I haven't had time yet this weekend to do any further checks, hopefully soon though. I really don't mind losing the time I've put in, I am more happy that I can play better than when I started. the biggest thing for me is that I have to recalibrate and go through all the initial steps again. I've also noticed that it doesn't seem to make any difference what choice I make, I have to go through it. oh well, it's a lot better than what I started with
  15. I updated my toolkit today to 2.6 and rebuilt cheap sunglasses, that seemed to help so I tried werewolves in London. it didn't change anything on that one. something interesting I did notice though. whenever I get the corrupt file, I have to start a new one and then everything seems to run fine unless I hit a bad song, or so I thought. after I redid my profile I did not play any songs, just got out of the game and back in and it happened again. makes me wonder if there may be something we aren't catching yet.
  16. has anyone been able to check if this might be something in the build or machine related? it just seems odd that it has popped up relatively quickly and still seems random. the key is finding the trigger to be able to find a cure. now that weekend is here I hope to experiment on my versions to see what else I can find. p.s. thanks to all for the dlc, I really enjoy the output, even when it corrupts my file.
  17. I've been hit recently as well, about 400 hours shot. on the bright side though, when I started back through the ones I had been doing, they are a lot easier, so something is working. I have been hit nearly every other day of late, so I started backing up through my playing. I have run across two that repeatedly cause issues. zztop cheap sunglasses, and werewolves of London. the biggest thing I have is getting through the initial startup of setting up my rig. nothing critical, just time spent. I haven't had time to try rebuilding these to see if this makes any difference, and I haven't had time to notify the creators. curious to see if that will make any difference. down side is I really like these, maybe i'll have to note them somehow to only use when ready to reset everything.
  18. thanks for the information, I wasn't using the actual search area so i'll give that a try thanks again.
  19. when I look through the list of songs, I have it set for most recent to try and show anything new, but often I have to look through others as well. seems if anyone posts to an existing submittal it moves to the top of the recent list. does anyone have a suggestion to avoid having to look through all the older submittal/newer post songs? also, millions of thanks to those submitting, I only wish I could as well, so I really, really appreciate all your hard work.
  20. looking forward to some more ac/dc and zz, I don't have the time or talent to work these up myself so I really appreciate your work.
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