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  1. Thanks for adding me as a friend! I also like to create my own CDLC with all the arrangements and as accurate as possible. See ya!

  2. @@Berneer Thanks! That's a good way to solve it
  3. Is it possible to make in EOF than when you copy handshape phrases and paste it, the length of the phrase is not interrupted by the last note of the phrase? (instead its actual length). This will be very helpful because every time i paste a repeate phrase i must modify its length.
  4. Llévenme a ver un tren

  5. Now it works! thanks a lot! the handshape phrase was already extended, but i didn't know the function of the "hi dens" status. It forces the chord to show it only as an empty box right?
  6. @@raynebc the handshapes works perfectly, the only problem now is that when a "new" chord appears in the phrase, it will be show up. I can't control that. This is a playthrough video i made, look at the minute 0:29 As you can see, after the single note on the E string, the G7/F shows up with all the gems. I just want to see the repetition box. In other examples is more notorious and the display is more annoying. Is really common to hold a position and alternate single notes and strumming, like this: e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| G|-----
  7. @@raynebc Hi again! i'm really glad about the new features. I've made a custom in which i used handshapes and finally now the chord label of the first chord keeps all along the rail (even when there're different chords inside). That's great! In previous version of EOF when a chord appeared you could choose if you want to show it or not (using "crazy" status). Now that's by default and every chord that appears will be show up. This really ruin the display cause when the same chord repeats after single notes during a handshape phrase i only want to see the box. It will be possible not to show th
  8. Habla conmigo... viejo perro blanco

  9. @@albatross213 No, cause the 96th notes appears as non-grid in EOF. Also, if you wanna edit manually the notes or add missing notes, you must be content with the avalaible grid. In previous customs i moved notes so they are snaped, but this is not the proper way to make a good chart. I need a grid snap with 96 per beat. I don't think this will be a major problem for @@raynebc, am i right?
  10. @@raynebc If you turn a 64th note in a triplet you get a 96th note. Also if you add a punctilio to a 64th note you get a 96th note. If you add a punctilio to a 96th note (triplet) you get a 192th note but this a ridiculous length. I'm finishing a guitar tab and i use 96th note because the song is really tricky. I really need the 1/96 grid :)
  11. @@raynebc My bad. I meant 64th and 96th notes. I can only set it to 1/64 as maximum. It would be nice to directly have the 1/64 and 1/96 to select in the grid snap menu
  12. @@raynebc Another thing that is also necessary to fix is the grid snap. When i import a tab that has sixteenth note, EOF show it as non-grid. If i customize the intervales, it doesn't happen. I can set manually 1/64 and everything looks fine but EOF crash when i set 1/96
  13. @@raynebc I've realized that EOF doesn't offer to the user to apply the same fingering on muted chords. This is really annoying cause you have to select all the muted chords manually and define the fingering. It will be nice to see this update in the next hotfix, if you can make it :)
  14. It's true, but i only like to use split status sometimes when a chord has a slide. Also, the split status don't have a good recognition when you strum fast all the notes, you must do a "rasgueado" to detect the notes individually
  15. @@raynebc Finally i just keep single notes conserving the melody. Hope that in the future this feature works
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