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  1. After installing the latest version, and with the last version as well, rescanning does not find new CDLC; I can tell by the file count that the rescan only keeps rescanning the same list of files the program already knows, not all that's in the folder.
  2. I have it, but can't figure out how to use it with rocksmith
  3. I recall seeing someone in the original thread mention Master Mode problems, if I remember correctly, setting all Rocksmith Options back to "Default" fixed this. Though you'll have to obviously change any other settings back to how you want them afterwards. Hope this helps. I would never have noticed this "error" as I don't like Master Mode and would be glad if it never showed up. :) OH YES, You are a genius sir. Using the Reset to defaults worked! Ubisoft didn't even know how to fix it!!! The people on this forum really are smarter than them!
  4. @firekorn yep, I'm sure. There's an option in the "advanced" menu in song, and one in the "options" menu outside of the songs--both are for sure on. I haven't seen anyone on these forums who's had the master mode problem yet. I've contacted Ubisoft about 6 times over it and haven't heard anything back from them; so, I'm making sure it's not an issue caused by the CDLC.
  5. So I want to make sure of something.... Is everyone who has the game working with CDLC still getting master mode? Or is anyone else not seeing it start ever? I haven't had it once since the update.
  6. only small problem i notice so far is a few of the songs I've played seems to show all the notes instead of ghosting the multiples so that you can see the chord change coming. I'll see if it is still that way the more songs I play over again. But I'll take that over the 100% bug any day.
  7. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO... IT works for me so far... out of 480 CDLC, only 9 files that failed to repair. Playing lots of songs and messing up on purpose and they don't all go to 100% anymore!!!!! AMAZING! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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