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  1. Happy Birthday Laik!

  2. Happy Birthday Laik!

  3. Laik

    oculus rift

    I do, but what for? Btw i have the SDK1 from waaaaaay back in the day
  4. Although i'm busy these days i'm glad i was able to contribute to this whole thing in my own little way too. Been a couple years since i was on, there's a lot of new songs to play and i'll start off with the Hardwired... To Self Destruct album. Thanks to those who made them!
  5. So long as the ad revenue goes only towards maintaining the site, i've whitelisted too.
  6. Everyone has made good points and i'm glad to see you all agree that we should have band name, song in the title first. I can see benefits for having version number in the title and not having it. Copy/pasting a new version overwrites the old one, making no further effort necessary to delete outdated files. However, a major drawback is you don't see which version you're currently rocking, so i vote for the current format, which seems to be the best: Artist_Song_VersionNo.psarc. We need to have it so it is standard across all cdlcs and it should be a rule to leave the name as such without altering it.
  7. When you create the cdlc, it auto-names the file for you so that's perfect, however i've noticed some cdlcs will have the title altered to include the authors name. This causes a problem when it is added to the front of the title as it makes it impossible to search for it, we need a rule that says the cdlc title must either begin with the artist or the song name and nothing else. If you're to add anything else, it should be to the end of the title. For eg: Bad: - iMadeThisLoL_CoolArtist_Track7_v1.psarc Good: - CoolArtist_Track7_v1_iMadeThisLoL.psarc (Event better - CoolArtist_Track7_v1.psarc) When a cdlc is bad/broken and you need to delete it, you can't find the damn thing if it has some random name/text in the front of the title, especially when you have hundreds of cdlcs. Add stuff only to the end, it saves us from headaches.
  8. When i play riffs with muted/unmuted note sequences, i LIFT my palm slightly off the strings and place it back on, i don't move my hand back. Pick a fast song, open riff repeater and choose the fast riff part, slow it down to like 50% and practice that for a good 30 mins. The next day, bump the speed up to 53% and repeat. Keep doing the same thing everyday whilst bumping up the speed a few % at a time. You may reach around 90-95% and feel like you've hit a brick wall, in which case just keep playing the same sequence at 90-95% for a few more days, and try bumping it up 1% at a time. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Nice. I made Hit The Lights for 2012 (my first ever custom!), unfortunately when i formatted my HDD i forgot to back up all of my EoF files so i only have the .dat files left. PLEASE do 1 thing, all of the tabs for Hit The Lights have a mistake in one of the opening riffs, which i noticed when i tabbed it so i listened very carefully and transcribed the correct notes (see below). At exactly 1:08 in the video (just when the drums kick in) the correct notes are 5th frets on the A and D strings x 2, then 3rd frets on the A and D strings. I wish there was a way to load the .dat files into EoF and open up the notes. I want to convert my RS1 customs to RS2014 but like i said, i only have my .dat files left :( A little off-topic, i took my profile picture at a Metallica concert a few years back and you can't see it clearly but James is looking DIRECTLY into my camera, it's such an amazing shot and i was SO close to the stage! EDIT: SNAKE with the help of fellow member Deratio i realised i could open my charted files by unpacking the .dat file and reimporting everything back into EOF. * THIS MEAN I HAVE ALREADY CHARTED HIT THE LIGHTS! * I will add Rhythm / Lead / Bass / Lyrics to it but not DD. Do you want me to send you the EoF project for you to add the DD or should i just release it as it is?
  10. Remember the thread on Smithy which had a list with links to ALL songs submitted? If we can have that pinned on the top of the 'RS2k14 CDLCs' thread and updated daily by mods, that'll be all that's needed for now to keep everything organised. It also seems to be the easiest way to keep the CDLCs section organised. An automated way of doing this would be to have a standard thread naming protocol (such as 'Artist - Song Title') and you can grab the thread name and add it in the list in alphabetical order. I'm sure there's one of us here that has web development experience and can develop a simple add-on that will automate this.
  11. Through sadness greatness is born. Today is a new day. Let's continue to grow bigger than we've ever been.
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