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  1. Happy Birthday Deviate!

  2. Happy Birthday Deviate!

  3. If you're on a pretty tight budget, look into a set of these. I bought them at a Walmart while I was on the road for work for ~$40. They're on-ear, which is my only complaint with them. I prefer over-ear. I picked them up to use with an old headphone amp I have. Low frequencies are not an issue for them. Low-B on a 5-string bass with decent volume without any distortion. I will say that they're not as good coming from my PC. Whether that's because the lower power output from my computer speakers' headphone jack, or the EQ on my PC I don't know. But they definitely don't rattle my skull like they do coming from my headphone amp, but they're adequate given the price. I'm not recommending them as the end-all, be-all. Especially if you've got a significantly larger budget. But bang-for-the-buck, I've been pretty happy with them and I know they'll produce damn-good bass if fed a decent signal.
  4. Deviate


    Bass is a Gallien Krueger MB115, guitar is an Ashdown Peacemaker-40.
  5. The standard upgrade for Fender-style basses is the Leo Quan Badass Bridge, as can be seen here: http://www.bestbassgear.com/badass-bridge.htm Here's one installed on a Squier VM Jazz: http://fenderbass.net/files/2010/09/-78502706346836090.jpg It's a bit difficult to judge by comparing the picture to the VM Jazz hanging on my wall, but I'd expect that you may have to drill new holes for the mounting screws. Or perhaps not. It's hard to tell just eyeballing it. I just finished watching an awful video on YouTube with a guy that put a Badass on his fretless VM. It looks like he just re-used the factory bridge holes, but he doesn't specify so...
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