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  1. The changes that I made were: removed section and phrase at the first beat and added a tone. I don't know exactly which of these two made the trick, because as I repacked the custom it worked at first shot.
  2. Hi, I got the custom working. This is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfwl9vu8b4e03k4/Our%20Last%20Night%20-%20Same%20Old%20Warv1.1.rar?dl=0 The folder contains the working psarc file ( ver. 1.1 ) plus the whole revised project. Cheers
  3. Ok, I'll take a deeper look as soon as I can... stay tuned!
  4. When you open the project in eof you can see the markers at the beginning of the chart. In order to remove them just open Beat/Events/All Events and push two times the button "delete". Save the project and repack the cdlc with the newly generated arrangement.
  5. Hi, i downloaded your project. The issue with the preview is due to the fact that you had it made automatically by the toolkit. It isn't a great deal, you can make a good preview manually using i.e. GoldWave. About the problem with eof, the first thing I noticed that you didn't make sections, but the first beat has one. Try to remove it ( the section marker called "outro" and the phrase marker called "tabs by ..." Note that if you don't make sections the riff repeater will not work. Also don't forget ti add 3 seconds of silence at the beginning. Hope this helps, don't exitate to ask if you ne
  6. Not a duck anymore

    1. Alex360


      psyduck was a cool guy

  7. Not a duck anymore

  8. Hi everybodyI haven' t read all the posts ( too many and then English isn't my first language ) somaybe I repeat what other already said, anyway...Am I in favor of creating an " approved " section?I vote yesPartly because this can be a sort of gratification for the creators, butmostly as a tool to distinguish works that is worth to download[/color],considering that by now the number of cdlcin the data base is growing like mushrooms after the rain: I'd like to know that a dlc ishigh-quality before I download it.But...If we choose to approve only dlcs which have all the arrangements, thenI think
  9. Thank you very much! You' re doing a great work in so a little time... great!
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