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  1. For me, the best way would be to add a custom attribute in the "phraseIteration" nodes. I proposed the event solution because we already use it to define the Time Signature changes.
  2. Hi raynebc, I would like to improve the phrase process management in DDC. The first time DDC is used on a CDLC, it possibly generates new phrases that override the existing phrases defined in EOF. Then, the following uses of DDC on this CDLC keep those new phrases and don't have the knowledge of which phrases was defined or not in EOF. I am thinking of adding new events in the "events" XML node in order to keep the phrase markers as defined in EOF. What is your opinion about that ? Is it possible for you to add them during the XML file generation process in EOF ? Thank you
  3. Hi, I am using Windows 10 with a 1920x1080 screen resolution. I had the same issue with the RSToolkit. I solved it by changing the display scaling property.
  4. @@Berneer, I know that the DDC tab of the Toolkit is now using the same process as the remaster.exe. As some old CDLCs fail to convert when the tone names are not consistent, maybe cozy1 has added an automatic repair feature which is more intrusive than necessary. Can you tell him about your issue ? Major features of DDC v3.2 are : - the ability to fix the chord density status in old CDLCs - no more split of handShapes and anchors when they overlap a phrase marker
  5. DDC v3.2 Beta is available in the first post for testing purposes : - New process to force the density status of chords depending on their position in a sequence - New parameter in the configuration file to adjust or not the density status of chords - New message in the log if the time position of an anchor is adjusted - Fixed bug : Wrong time position used when generating a new anchor at the beginning of a phrase - Fixed bug : HandShapes and anchors may be splitted at the beginning of a new phrase @@Berneer, can you test again with the new beta release of DDC v3.2 ?
  6. @@firekorn, @@Billkwando, FYI, DDC v3.2 will be able to correct the high density chord status automatically when generating DD.
  7. The phrase that causes the issue is added by DDC due to the length parameter value. So EOF could not warn about it.I have to adjust the DDC phrase creation process to avoid this kind of issues ...
  8. After more investigations, the number of notes in a phrase or the number of difficulty levels are not the root cause of the crash issue.It seems that it happens only when a sustain overlaps a phrase marker.
  9. @@TomSawyer2112, If you create the phrases in EOF, it is highly recommended to use a high value in the "phrase length parameter" of DDC (16 by example) to avoid the creation of new phrases during the DDC process.
  10. Hi, Last finding about this CDLC : - If I remove the sustain of the previous note that overlaps the "verse.3" phrase, that solves the issue ...
  11. Hi, After a few more investigations about this issue : - Only the first phrase iteration "verse.3" causes the issue (this is the only phrase with only one note) - The two other phrases with only two notes each and only one level of difficulty work fine in RS2014 - The issue is also present in RS2014 first edition I need more investigations to identify precisely the root cause of this issue I am interested in other CDLCs with a similar issue ... Thank you
  12. @@TomSawyer2112, If you define the phrases in EOF (to define the ranges of measures that contain similar patterns of notes), you can use a high number in the "phrase length" parameter of DDC (16 by example). The "phrase length" parameter is here to create the phrases automatically, when they are not defined in EOF, but the DDC process is mechanical and not very clever. So for a best result : - create the phrases yourself in EOF (you can use various lengths of phrases) - generate DD with DDC with a high value in the "phrase length" parameter to prevent DDC to divide the existing
  13. @@raynebc, For your information, I made this topic about RS2014 crash when a non-empty phrase has only one level of difficulty. http://customsforge.com/topic/33783-rs2014-remastered-crashes-if-a-non-empty-phrase-has-only-one-level-of-dd/ This issue may arrive with manual DD too ... I don't remember if EOF displays a warning when a phrase has only one note ? There is no issue with empty phrases.
  14. If the first arrangement of a CDLC contains at least one phrase with only one level of difficulty (level 0), RS2014 Remastered crashes when you try to play the song. When you use DDC, this case may happen when the phrase has only one note or if all notes belong to the same category and subcategory. As an example, the following CDLC has a lead arrangement in which 3 phrase iterations have only one level of diffculty (the first one is selected "verse.3" and has only one note) : To correct the CDLC with the BPR tool : - unpack the CDLC ([File][unpack ...]) - Select the first arrangement -
  15. Ok, I never thought to look at these level of details :D So, now, if we consider the changes of patterns of the carpet, I can affirm that DDC v3.2 fixes the issue. It fixes too the yellow number issue (in your second animated gif, you can see that the minimum fret is 4 but changes to 5 in the middle of the single notes sequence). Finally, we can add an other rule for RS2014 : - the first anchor of a non-empty phrase should always start at the time position of the phrase.
  16. Can you share the psarc file without DD inside ? I would like to check if the new release of DDC solves your issue ... Thanks
  17. @@firekorn, thanks for your explanations. When DDC loads each note and each chord, it has to synchronize it with the current "handShape" and the current "anchor". As the anchors don't have an end time position, DDC uses the start time of the following one to define its range time. So, DDC is able to manage anchors that have a different time position than the associated notes or chords. With this logic, only one anchor can be associated to each note or chord. @@Berneer, the animated gifs were inverted in your post, weren't they ? In your specific case, DDC adds a new anchor for the f
  18. @@Berneer, I am not sure to understand your exact problem. First two things, it is necessary to define : - The finger positions displayed on the strings are managed by "handShape" tags in the XML file. - The frets range displayed with yellow numbers under the fretboard are managed by "anchor" tags in the XML file. My understanding, about your issue : - the displayed finger position "2" is normally associated with the previous A5 chord, and its durability is defined by its "handShape" ("endTime" - "startTime"). So we still see the "2" finger, but it is not related to the nex
  19. @@slgorin, Songs without DD have this issue. Add DD to correct it ...
  20. @@Rodman, Once you have the 100% mastery bug on a CDLC, you have no other choice but to reset its stats to remove the bug. Keep in mind that RS2014 keeps the maximum percentage score in its cache.
  21. For this issue, you have to ask the CDLC creator to generate again the XML files with EOF (in order to manage correctly the density of repeated chords) It seems that RS2014 was able to correct it automatically, but no longer in the Remastered edition
  22. Another way is to use the RSToolkit by referencing directly the ".wav" file in the creator tab. This way the Wwise conversion will be automatically made by the tool.
  23. Sorry, I forgot to check this topic. As you used Wwise yourself, it is possible that you forgot to set the "seek granularity" parameter. Another way, is to use the RSToolkit
  24. Does EOF apply automatically this logic each time it generates the XML files ? It may be necessary to add a check if the same sequence of chords use the low density (by a user action) and none of these chords contain any technics. In my opinion, we need to validate that before changing the EOF handshape logic.
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