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  1. When you create the sections in EOF, you have the choice to make them global for all arrangements or local for each one (global by default). If you created local sections, then the name of the XML file is important. Then, you have to check that the XML file you use in the Toolkit for each arrangement contains the "sections" tag with the correct sections.
  2. You can download the last one here
  3. Open the XML file of the arrangement which has this issue, with a text editor and search for the "sections" tag. How many sections do you have in this file ?
  4. Before investigating more deeply about your issue : 1) Download the last release of the Toolkit (DDC v2.2) 2) Some notes and chords are in offset time position The log of DDC, displayed the following warnings : - Notes ==> WARNING : Note Time Correction : 22.272 -> 22.274 ==> WARNING : Note Time Correction : 37.471 -> 37.472 ==> WARNING : Note Time Correction : 48.958 -> 48.973 ==> WARNING : Note Time Correction : 60.539 -> 60.546 ==> WARNING : Note Time Correction : 80.418 -> 80.430 ==> WARNING : Note Time Corre
  5. Do you have the same problem without DD ? Did you try to add a few more sections in your project ? Can you share the XML file generated by EOF (PART REAL...xml) ?
  6. http://guitargames.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/ddc-512.png {Original icon from Svengraph} Dynamic Difficulty Creator I am pleased to share with you the "Dynamic Difficulty Creator" which : - uses the XML files of each arrangement to produce a new version of these files (files like "PART REAL_GUITAR.xml") - generates all phrases automatically (if not already created in EOF) - generates all levels of dynamic difficulties from 0 to 19 if needed for each phrase DDC v3.7 supports various time signatures : - if a time signature is missing, you can now con
  7. Hi all admins, Is it possible to create a new subforum for DDC inside the "Rocksmith 2014 Development" section ? Thanks for your answer ...
  8. Hi, With EOF, you can add sections and phrases. Each section is divided in one or many phrases. Sections are generally indicated on the partition (or the tab) : - intro - verse - chorus - bridge - ... - outro The same section name can appear many times in the same song. The phrases are used to identify the same sequence of notes and are usually from 2 or 4 measures length. If you use DDC to create the Dynamic Difficulties, the names of sections and phrases are not important (for example, I always use the same name for all my phrases in a song). For DDC, the
  9. I think that it can be useful for DLCs which do not contain the XML files (official ones for example). Fabiano could have a better explanation on this feature...
  10. @@ForgeOn, Did you try to unpack the CDLC without the "Extract Song XML" option checked ? - If you check this option, the XML is newly generated by the Toolkit from the SNG files. - If you uncheck this option, the existing XML is simply unpacked and keep all its original information from EOF and DDC tools ("count", "transcriptionTrack" tags, ...)
  11. This video tutorial is a very good idea to help beginners ! Just one important thing already mentioned by other great contributors : Do not touch the notes in EOF ! They must stay synchronized with the rhythm (measures and beats) and not only with the soundtrack ...
  12. @@raynebc, I just need a confirmation about sustains on standard chords (without tech notes) : - the "chordNote" tag has a sustain defaulted to "0.000" except when the "sustain" checkbox is checked - if the "sustain" checkbox is not checked, the chord duration is based on its "handShape" - for the majority of chords without tech notes, the "sustain" checkbox doesn't need to be checked So if I need to compute a sustain for the fundamental note of a chord, I need now to reuse the handShape length (as for RS1) ? Thanks
  13. @ShameOnTheNight, Try to generate again the DD with DDC v2.1 directly on your "psarc" file with the DDC tab of the Toolkit. It may solve your problem. "Envoyé depuis mon GT-I9100 avec Tapatalk"
  14. @@ShameOnTheNight, Try to generate again the DD with DDC v2.1 directly on your "psarc" file with the DDC tab of the Toolkit. It may solve your problem. "Envoyé depuis mon GT-I9100 avec Tapatalk"
  15. Most of these customs will be posted here. ROCKSMITH 2014 - AVAILABLEAC/DC - Back In BlackAC/DC - Hells BellsAccept - Balls To The WallAccept - Metal HeartBeethoven - 5th SymphonyBruce Dickinson - BrokenEnsiferum - AbandonedEnsiferum - Lai Lai HeiEnsiferum - Little DreamerEnsiferum - Old ManEnsiferum - One More Magic PotionEnsiferum - Token Of TimeEnsiferum - Victory SongEnsiferum - WandererHammerfall - Any Means NecessaryHammerfall - Hearts On FireHammerfall - Heeding The CallHammerfall - RenegadeHammerfall - Templars Of SteelIced Earth - 1776Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot StrangersKorpiklaani
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