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    Schecter Diamond Series Demon 6-Fr, Esp Ltd Viper-50 Tesla Ah-3&Wilkinson Tuners, Esp Ltd Mmv-07f, Esp Ltd M-50 Emg-81 Bridge, Jackson JS32T King V, Fender Squier emg-81 bridge Washburn Maverick BT-10 Ibanez Rg-320 Epiphone Special II
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  1. Happy Birthday Tim93!

  2. Happy Birthday Tim93!

  3. Happy Birthday Tim93!

  4. Hopefully you're recovering fast!
  5. HI My answer is not "the" most played song, but i play The Insomnium band like all the time..
  6. For me to say, everything in its own way are difficult to play :P But for me i dont mean any classical, vivaldi etc because they're are pain in my ass. (sorry for "bad" word). I myself like metal music very much, so i think the song at the moment would be Wintersun's Beyond the Dark sun. And why is that? Because of the friggin' speed of it, hah. And i'm only playing the Rhythm part of it :angry: So if there's anybody willing to join the conversation :rolleyes: I checked the forum for similiar topics like this, but I didn't notice one like this. So Moderator/Admin can remove, lock or wh
  7. Cheers Mate! yep, me either are not gonna write any kind of an novel, hah. Well anyway, I'm from Finland and i am 21-years old student. Basically i bought the first rocksmith game, because i wanted to learn play guitar. I have now played for almost 2-years and I can say that i have gathered some "experience". I'd like to play various types of genres metal, rock, pop and so on. So that's all.
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