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    Charleston, SC
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    2001 Epi Les Paul Classic - Jimmy Page wiring, custom-wound pickups
    2001 Epi E Series Beast FX
    2001 Epi E Series Slasher FX
    2010 Epi Riviera P93
    2012 Epi Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro - 50's wiring
    2013 Epi Explorer Pro
    2013 Ibanez IC7 7-string Iceman
    2016 Epi Hummingbird Pro
    + a couple of Ibanez parts projects

    2005 Ibanez 4-string
    2013 Ibanez 4-string
    2014 Ibanez 5-string
    2014 Schecter Omen Extreme 4

    1993 Marshall JCM 900 4100 (EL34)
    1994 Marshall 6100 LM (5881)
    2006 Marshall MG100 HDFX
    2006 Epiphone Valve Jr. w/ matching cab (modded)

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  1. Happy Birthday johnd!

  2. Don't know how long it normally takes, but Avira is still quarantining the file.
  3. "besides using a savefile is just cheating IMO" This actually made me lol... Cheating? What do you call using custom song files?
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