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  1. If I hadn't found this place I don't think I'd be enjoying learning to play the bass guitar as much as I am.
  2. Both the forums and the discord seem fairly dead but I wouldn't say it's 100% dead. People actively put out music each day and are playing the game a good bit. You can find more interactions on the steam community page if you want to really get involved with a conversation.
  3. Hello I'm a newbie and noticed some people made Starset tracks and I'm wondering if more can be made!? Also anything done by 'In This Moment'! I love the bands and all their music are amazing to me! I'd also like to add these singles Higher Power by Coldplay, Follow You By Imagine Dragons, and Once in a life time by All Time Low. {I'm aware it's a lot but I'll take anything I can get. I'm trying to learn bass and I'd like to practice with music I know and enjoy....you know?}
  4. People really have conversations on here!?
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