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  1. I'm getting my scores in early this week. I'll need to practice Echoless Chamber by Vektor. I was about 3/4's through with no strikes thinking, "this isn't too bad," and then the song got chaotic and I got 3 strikes pretty quickly. As usual, most of these songs I haven't heard before. The only one I have heard previously is My Will - Dream. Being introduced to music I otherwise wouldn't have found is one reason I've enjoyed stopping in to join these weekly competitions. Thank you
  2. This song is great fun. I played it more after this attempt but this ended up being the best attempt. I'm confident I can get 99%+ but note detection is holding me back in some areas. Fortunately, I bought a little bit larger gauge strings last week so that I could do some down-tuning and this was a good song to test them out.
  3. Good songs; thank you! I have heard and played Du Hast prior to this week but the others are new to me. I'll definitely be keeping Stargazer in my collection. I'm gonna attempt the Mastodon song but unsure if I can get my strings that low and still have proper note detection.
  4. Hello, this is my first time participating in the Rocksmith Championship. For the time being, my scores will be for Bass guitar. This was my first time playing all of these songs, though I was familiar with all but Astronomy. This was my first time ever hearing Astronomy. I actually took two attempts on Astronomy and Fade to Black because my E String was slightly sharp and caused me to miss a lot of notes -- especially during the triplets in Fade to Black. The bridge section on Mr. Blue Sky -- played twice -- was a step up in difficulty, compared to the rest of the song. I enjoyed the variety of songs; I'll continue to practice and post progress on the Intermediate+ classes.
  5. I'm a Bass player and would love to see more Punk/Pop-Punk/Ska/Emo styles charted with Bass guitar -- throwing out some suggestions for things I'd like to play in Rocksmith: Give It Up - Midtown Island of Shame / Making Friends / Razor Burn / Lazy / The Champ - Lagwagon Any Jimmy Eat World from Static Prevails or Clarity albums. Drag My Body - Hot Water Music The Pharmacist - Hot Rod Circuit Girlfriend in a Coma - The Smiths Any Catch-22 from Keasbey Nights album. Any Saves the Day from Through Being Cool or Stay What You Are albums. Any Northstar from Pollyanna or Is This Thing Loaded? albums. Any Dashboard Confessional, The Descendents, Dropkick Murphy's, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring, Street Light Manifesto, Propaghandi, RKL (Rich Kids on LSD), Rufio. And any thing similar is appreciated greatly - thank you creators for everything you do!
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