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  1. Happy Birthday Kamyk!

  2. Happy Birthday Kamyk!

  3. Happy Birthday Kamyk!

  4. Happy Birthday Kamyk!

  5. Happy Birthday Kamyk!

  6. Happy Birthday Kamyk!

  7. Is it possible to apply a sustain on the first note of arpeggio? http://i.imgur.com/HAmM6pj.png
  8. I have a problem: The "Ignore capo/tuning" feature is turning on automatically every time I "undo" something or restart EOF. And why is it even turned on by default? It looks funny especially in Drop tunings.
  9. But you know raynebc - sometimes it occurs and sometimes not. After some changes it saved properly...
  10. Ok raynebc, I will send you the files, but later. The thing is this error didn't occur before the RC9 update. I can't really tell why is this happening. I'm not using the linknext status, because of the techview. The error sometimes pops-up and sometimes not. Now it occured to my other custom, when before the update it didn't.
  11. I've got a problem with EOF: http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/7727/llgu.png This occurs sometimes and sometimes not while saving. In the song I chart there aren't any "uncommon" chords. Also - why EOF doesn't save the arpeggio phrases and sometimes does? Will it be possible in the future to place all these slides (in tech view) in one line? Because if i place the "2" slide on the line with all others slides the "2" becomes a "1" slide. On the beginning I didn't place the slides on the green and purple strings, because only the slide on the orange string was meant to slide to other fre
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