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  1. Holy Crap that's a workout!!! And a badass song!!! Thanks for another awesome week!!!
  2. I've been listening to Blue Cheer all week! I've had all their albums on shuffle nearly nonstop! Thanks for another great band I've never heard of! Here is my entry for this week in intermediate. I tried master mode too, I didn't clear it but it was still fun!! Now its time to focus on "Dopesmoker"!!! Sleep is awesome!!! Here is my first attempt!! I'm not sure how far I made it, Maybe 25minutes or so
  3. To be fair.....I thought the rain theme was kinda fun not even realizing what week it was........
  4. Another great week!! Here are my class entries,
  5. This time I'm getting my entries in early!!.... I was a few hours too late last week . Loved last weeks choices though and this week was equally awesome! Thanks for another one!!!! Intermediate and bonus Beginner because Temple of the Dog is epic!!
  6. I hope I'm not too late for this week! Here is my class entry.
  7. Here's my entry for this week! Thanks for another great week!
  8. I've never heard of Powerwolf but I am now a new fan and have been listening to them nonstop on my playlist! Thanks for another great week of competition!!
  9. I figured out how to delete my old attachments, so here are my entries for the week. I loved this weeks song selection too!! Thanks again for another great week everybody!
  10. Ive been trying to upload my entries for the week via screenshot from steam and i keep getting this error. Any suggestions? Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: You can only upload a total of 408.55 kB.) OK
  11. Thanks for another great week of songs! Here is my class entry.
  12. Here is my class entry this week. And Du Hast because its an awesome song!
  13. Here is my highest percentage for Mr. Blue Sky, I always feel pretty good until the walking bass line section starts and then its a train wreck of garbled notes until its back to the chorus hahahaha!!
  14. I'm also throwing my hat in the ring for the GOB! I don't think each song individually would be that hard, I would say they are on the harder side of intermediate (or maybe on the easy-side of Advanced) but playing the whole album all at once straight through makes is super challenging!! Here is my entry for Intermediate as well. Mr. Blue Sky is a favorite!!! I totally lost track of time last week and never posted any of my scores. Here is my entry for beginner.
  15. I totally lost track of time last week and never posted any of my scores. Here is my entry for beginner.
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