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  1. It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again by Taste. It's a really good song to exercise your Pinkie.
  2. Yes, Customsforge has a Discord server. https://discord.gg/ydHrj3
  3. @@ForrestB Thank you so much, and there's more CDLCs on the way, I'm updating some of the old ones with new Tones that are more accurate because I have a guitar now. My goal is to make the whole REIMAGINE album of PrinceWhateverer, so far I've done 13 out of 18... Like I've said, more CDLCs are on the way, so you and many other people can enjoy them ^-^ You can search by my name when you look for CDLCs so you can find how many I've done ( Almost 50! ) OwO
  4. I started to play guitar almost 3 months ago... I consider myself a Beginner / Intermediate player for now... I'll post more images of my scores playing bass and guitar, but for now this is all I have. Here are my scores for this Championship on guitar:
  5. I've been waiting this Newsletter for so long and oh my... I'm so happy, thanks for making this Newsletter, I really appreciate it OwO Thanks for sharing this interview, I enjoyed reading the whole thing :D
  6. UPDATE 21/07/2020 2 New CDLC Releases PrinceWhateverer - Constellations [ D Drop C - Lead / Alt. Lead / Rhythm / Bass ] PrinceWhateverer - Conviction [ D Drop C - Lead / Rhythm / Bass ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us6t0r9ECDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPvZ9wkMMco
  7. New CDLC Release: PrinceWhateverer - Delta Vee [ D Drop C - Lead / Bonus Lead / Rhythm / Bass ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlgxGKysxp4
  8. UPDATE 29/06/2020 New CDLC Release: PrinceWhateverer - Guardians of Equestria (2019) [ Drop C - Lead / Alt. Lead / Rhythm / Bass ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlNCfA_GpBg
  9. UPDATE 17/6/2020 New CDLC Release: PrinceWhateverer - L_ST-_N-D_TA (Destabilize Pt.2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhBdnVhYrLo
  10. PrinceWhateverer - Better Tomorrow CDLC is released! Get it now!

  11. UPDATE: 30/5/2020 New CDLC Released: PrinceWhateverer - Better Tomorrow [ Lead / Rhythm / Bass - D Drop C ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igMOlZpjhqs
  12. PrinceWhateverer - Miscommunication CDLC is released! Get it now! OwO

  13. UPDATE 15/05/2020 New CDLC Release: PrinceWhateverer - Miscommunication [ Lead / Rhythm / Bass - D Drop C ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ugg565Nomg
  14. PrinceWhateverer - Reparation (R3 The Sorrow) CDLC was released! Get it now! OwO

  15. UPDATE 07/05/2020 New CDLC Release: PrinceWhateverer - Reparation (R3 The Sorrow) [ Lead / Rhythm / Bass - D Drop C ] https://youtu.be/vSI0FLLs1Mk
  16. I'm happy to see that I'm inside the list of " Quality Charters ". Thank you so much. I feel honored :heart:
  17. More CDLCs are on the way... Hopefully before next weekend we're going to have new PrinceWhateverer chart OwO

  18. More CDLCs are on the way... Hopefully before next weekend we're going to have new PrinceWhateverer chart OwO

  19. And... Another PrinceWhateverer CDLC is done... Go and check it out!

  20. UPDATE 24/04/2020 1 New CDLC Released: PrinceWhateverer - Are You There [ Lead / Rhythm / Bass - D Drop C ] [sharedmedia=videos:videos:2907]
  21. First time participating on a Rocksmith Championship... The Masterclass one I had some problems with it, but I managed to get a good score. I'll see if I can improve on that one... And it was a really nice song, loved it.
  22. UPDATE 29/3/2020 3 New CDLC Releases: Etherium Apex ft. Burning Gryphon - Wait For You [ Lead / Rhythm / Bass - Drop D ] Burning Gryphon - Deevoted to Dee Artist [ Lead / Bass - Drop D ] Policeman - GAL-O Sengen [ Bass - E Standard ]
  23. 2 NEW CDLCs Releases! PrinceWhateverer - Restoration (R1 The Awakening) [Lead / Rhythm / Bass - D Drop C] PrinceWhateverer - September [Lead / Rhythm / Bass - D Drop C]
  24. Not dead at all... 2 New CDLC Released! PrinceWhateverer - Restoration (R1 The Awakening) and PrinceWhateverer - September !!!

  25. I'm not dead, I'm charting new songs... Sooner or later I'll release 2 CDLCs ;)

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