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  1. I'm a former Discord server owner/moderator... If it matters the largest server I had involvement in was about 14k members? Unsure of the amount when I left but I was a part of that server for about 2 or so years (server was called 1.9 GDPS if you need that info as well). I'd hope my English is fluent considering I'm from the States; I also have experience speaking Dutch as well so if that's a skill someone needs I can (hopefully?) provide that.
  2. oh this is different

  3. I guess I can try out the discord again; maybe it's slightly more active now or something? Thanks for the link by the way. c:
  4. I've been in the discord a few times (which is pretty dead most of the time), but other than that and this forum I really can't find a decently active Rocksmith community. I would make one myself, but I don't really know how active this forum tends to get. Any pointers, or should I make my own discord server or something? :/ (I'm also quite new to this whole forum thing; I usually chat on discord servers. I hope I'm doing this right?)
  5. i guess i use this more now :/

  6. Happy Birthday zikneko!

  7. Happy Birthday zikneko!

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