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    listen music , play bass , K-ON! , play some anime sountrack , andrew lee - Spetsnaz
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    nitori squier
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    nitori VPB100
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    mucc - the piass - kisaki project - DIR EN GREY - UNSRAW - seikima II - plastic tree - cuartet - houkago tea time - guru guru eigakan and more
    Valkyria Chronicles soundtrack and some soundtrack from PS2 game from japan
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    Windows (Steam)

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  1. Spark Bass Tab by The Yellow Monkey | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm THE YELLOW MONKEY – SPARK - YouTube Kagerou Bass Tab by Sadie | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm Sadie - Kagerou - YouTube Lost Graduation Bass Tab by Raphael Japan | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm Raphael - Lost Graduation - YouTube
  2. today dia birthday 😄 

  3. new song Utsu-P - OGRE feat. hatsune miku nice song 


  4. HYPER HALLOWEEN SHOW by utsu-p support for this legend guy 😄 

  5. today my birthday yayyyyyyyyyyyyy let's some fun today :D

  6. i forget another day is you birthday yozora cheers

  7. new Utsu-P PV Psychokinesis link=Utsu-P - Psychokinesis

    1. coldrampage


      It's nice to see him uploading his older stuff off niconico to youtube. No sky burial tho, rip.

    2. charade97


      maybe one day XD

    3. charade97


      and fail the link i did t put

      ok now the link exist
  8. Happy Birthday reita97!

  9. I'm interested the song Be my sacrifice
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