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    gg allin, nattefrost, anal cunt, bon jovi?
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  1. Gwar - The Road Behind Bass & guitar with lyrics please lets do a good one of this someone !
  2. Pleaes do some more GG ALLIN songs. GG ALLIN with jabbers , murder junkies, and ANTISEEN. Maybe some of the other ANTISEEN stuff too. and some other murder junkies without GG would be good too. And some punk up the same ally of those bands. Id really enjoy playing some more GG besides the two songs up on here. Thanks I appreciate it. some songs like Teachers Pet, Dont Talk To Me, No Rules, Tough Fuckin Shit, I love nothing, 99 stab wounds, a fuck up, No Rules, would all be nice. But im not too picky. We all know GG Allin is the true king of punk. Thanks if anyone gets around to this.
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