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  1. Happy Birthday, Unleashed2k!!! :D !!
  2. I would like to strongly second @Mad_Duck's suggestion for a "Diamond/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Grey/X" badge system. I wouldn't mind seeing an "approved" section but, for me, the best solution would be a simple search option to filter out "approved only/* also/* not" (or even better an option for selecting "silver and above"/"gold and above"/etc). This way, while browsing the full list of available songs, higher quality customs can stand out (the benefit of an approved section) while avoiding a major downside that comes with having a separate and exclusive area: effectively hiding all unapproved
  3. Wow! Thank you, Chlipouni! That did the trick! :) Unpacking without selecting "Extract Song XML." I had assumed that without this option selected there would be no XML available. Thanks again, Chlipouni!
  4. Fantastic! Seeing your activities here and on SA it is apparent that you are incredibly responsive to your user-base, raynebc. It's a great feeling witnessing it first hand! Good on ya, mate! :)
  5. Tried it! No error is generated but the beats are set all messed up and there are no notes. Edit: In case it help here are the specifics: The track should have bpm set to 100 all the way through, what I get is bpm set to 1000, .5sec later set to 7.35bpm, then set to 100bpm for a while, then when the green cursor crosses 163 seconds it displays beats as 1000bpm again (strange behavior here it shows beats after 163sec as 100bpm until the green cursor crosses that time). All this with no notes.
  6. That sounds like it could do the trick! Can't wait to try it! :D Thank you both!!!
  7. Hello raynebc! (or anyone else who can help) I am trying to import an XML into EoF that was unpacked from a working CDLC, but I get the following error: "Failure. Check log for details." The loged error reads as so: "Error reading beat tags from XML, the "count" attribute is 0 or undefined. Aborting" The only instance of count I could find in the XML looks like this: <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="COUNT" solo="0" /> In the chat a user told me that he found many instances of "count" in one of his XML files. Is this a lack of backwards compatibility to a
  8. Sometimes I grow so tired, but I know I've got one thing I got to do...

    1. kamakazikilla


      be super awesome like you always are =p

    2. Bestie


      tne need to scratch ones arse is just too compelling i now your pain bro......

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