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  1. Oh my god! Just 6 june! :smile: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have that song in loop on the ipod.
  2. So when this poll will end? Buckethead - Ballad of Jerry Mono seems the winner! :mrgreen:
  3. I voted! That song is amazing! That intro. :wub: "Look Up There" album seems interesting. Just two tracks: Golden Eyes: 10:51 Look Up There: 21:38
  4. Ibanez K5 Signature Fieldy (Korn) (5 string). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP75isfRo_Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0Z2T9RSZ9Q
  5. I didn't read this accurately, but you don't need to use bandicam and camtasia all at once. You need just Camtasia that is able to recording gameplay and webcam (you can select with camtasia the size of the screen that you wanna capture to obtain a video, so just select rocksmith in window mode). Try to use it with rocksmith in window mode as i suggest some post before. Of course there is lag issues with two software running at the same time plus rockmith and system requirements not so high.
  6. It's not so easy, and certainly pc system requirements are relevant because you have to consider that multiple software running at the same time required system resources.
  7. Did you try to decrease settings video of rocksmith? I know that is not a nice solution but at least you can record without stuttering, maybe?
  8. Yes, but with an external camera (not an internal pc webcam) should be possible avoid framerate stuttering. When i suggest to recording at the same time, is just to avoid synchronization problems during editing.
  9. Sure, but you need to press at the same time the recording button on camera (with remote controller or manually) and on pc (is not so impossible). :mrgreen:
  10. If you recording at the same time, you'll have a video that almost match with the playthrough.
  11. Maybe is due to the ram? I also have a dual core but with 8GB ram. Well, eventually, if you have a camera recording, you can capture rockmith gameplay with a software and at the same time (so you have to synchronize during the editing, merging both video) yourself playing so this will not affect framerate. This could sounds a little bit complex but an alternative solution.
  12. I left the compression settings of camtasia, by default.
  13. In tools option, you can set video quality. By default is set on high quality, but i set it in the mid or lower.
  14. I'm actually using camtasia 8. To avoid framerate stuttering, i usually play rocksmith on window mode (not fullscreen) and with camtasia i select a custom size in order to fit the window mode (you'll have a full screen video at the end of recording). In tools options (camtasia), lower the quality of the video, to compress it (set the quality in the mid or lower, is still a good quality).
  15. Yes sure, actually in this moment i'm playing Sail on Soothsayer. :mrgreen:
  16. He always playing lead (he likes the solo part) and is incredible fast in the memorization process so he is actually able to play by memory an entire song (Frozen Brains Tell No Tales for example) and every time he always ask to me: there is a new buckethead custom?! :mrgreen: Just discovered that he made 82 studio album. :shock: Today, he enjoyed so much playing The Robot who lost its head.
  17. My nephew (14 years old, started playing guitar with rocksmith 2012) learned and improved his guitar skills with your buckethead customs. He is playing lot of the buckethead customs with 95%-100% accuracy. :mrgreen:
  18. So i need to use eof in addiction. Sure.
  19. I have a couple custom songs that i enjoyed to play on rocksmith 2012 and i'd like to convert them for the actual rocksmith 2014. I should probably use the packer/unpacker option from the custom toolkit but i need a guide step by step if possible. Thanks.
  20. I'd like to request some Skunk Anansie songs (at least Hedonism and Charlie Big Potato). Never customised. They have nice bassline and also strong guitar (fun to play). When you have time surely and thanks for all the custom already done.
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