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  1. 8 hours ago, jellisjenius said:

    That's what I thought as well but I was told score is only a tiebreaker for 100% scores. @Rodman did I understand you correctly?

    @coldrampage@Snakewizard Yeah, it was and is good practice to score by acc, then streak, in case of 100% also score, in case below we ignore the score and have two winners - quite stupid and hard to defend, yeah i know. Sorry it´s just the way.
    Of course not - there is an easy explanation - when multiple players reach 100 within the week they still have something to fight for - the score to get the crown that´s called "100 battle" (oh my where is @MilkManDan). In case there is no 100 that´s still the room for improvement.

    But those cases are rare rare rare, if you like one winner rather - let us know (litte fun fact: for the 10-weeks leaderboard, as there is some auto-calculation the one being on top is given 10 points. the 2nd winner 5)




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  2. 45 minutes ago, diceslinger said:

    Yep, that was a really good pick, not one I would have thought of off the top of my head, but I'm so glad to have worked on it.  Powerful song!

    I was looking, I think we have done 17 songs since we started this last June.  Wow!  You are spot on, I can't believe how far we have come.  This has pushed me in a good way, having to recording and finish a song really makes me resolve issues with my playing. 

    For the next song.....how about Soul Asylum - Runaway Train?

    17 (!) Runaway Train ... whats in my head? a campfire classic ... maybe easy to play sure hard to make an interesting Version, yay

  3. 10 hours ago, diceslinger said:

    @Rodman, Here it is, my version of Audioslave's Like a Stone.  Man, this was a project in itself, but I wanted to do the song justice.  Drums and bass are standard Band in a Box tracks.  I laid down two rhythm tracks and panned one to the left and one to the right.  I then recorded the single note guitar part from the first half.  I broke out the Digitech Whammy pedal for the solo.  Then I got stuck on vocals.  Today, everyone was out of the house, so I put on headphones and just belted it out.  I spent a few hours adjusting, EQing, putting on compressors and here it is.  I'm able to apply some of the stuff I'm learning in my class, so I'm pretty happy with that.  Whew....what a production!


    Oh boy!!! That songpick of mine was golden. Wonder what you would have answered when i would have told you like 4 months ago that in march you were gonna do a song where laying down the proper rhythm and lead arrangement as well as your very well recorded solo using the DT Whammy would just be natural accessories done without pain because you were focusing on getting the vocals down full force............ dammit, cool. It´s such a cool small but immensly powerful song that cannot be done emotionless, and you did great. Fun thing that you doubled the chorus while i doubled the verse. Very good mix with perfect fitting bg music - on cellphone the music volume is too low, that has to be listened on a stereo system - where its great. Your guitar playing feels very precise and chilled as it should, and band in a box did great support....what a production!


    What is next 😄 ?

  4. 18 minutes ago, jellisjenius said:

    Yes, if I understand you correctly. You can create your own ignition listing and "adopt" a song that has been abandoned or is otherwise no longer available. Or if there is a listing with a broken/dead link you can post a link to your own file hosting page. If you're talking about adding one to the SSL that is not in CF, I'm not sure what the rules are but I'll defer to those who have been doing the championship longer.

    The main restriction I'm aware of is that you shouldn't be sharing any customs of songs that are official DLC.

    Yes, post a download link in the comments of the songs page

    If the song page does not exist no more post the download link in song comment in Song Selection list or via hyperlink there



  5. @diceslinger here is a nice Stone waiting around while everyone is skiing or hiking, maybe hunting around all those years


    had lots of fun recording that.
    no effects except my guitar tones, no effects on the vocals.

    Again that came easy (for the monster of a challenge - having a master on guitar and vocals, and a rather small song with nowhere to hide, however i just ignored all that), recorded a clean rhythm guitar, a lead guitar, experimented with vocals ... well singing that one octave low did sound unfitting, the high one ... high, so i added a 2nd lower vocal harmonic to verse... and that was way better. For the chorus i stayed single track and tried to express the desperateration there. Then fooled around with the drum patterns from standard rock to crazy jazz and finally found the chilly one i ended with.

    Really unsure what you are gonna think of that one. Cannot wait for your version!



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  6. 1 hour ago, diceslinger said:

    I had been slacking off, only playing the contest songs a handful of times each week.  I'm trying to put in more effort.  Now I'm getting a bit of a practice regimen.  I am learning the Beatles "In my Time" for the final recording and mixing project for my class.  So I start with the bass part and the rhythm part of that song.  Then I've been playing our Audioslave "Like a Stone" song on rhythm trying to get that solidly in my head.  Then I jump into the contest songs and play them a couple times apiece depending on who is in the room and if I've burned them out on that particular song 🙂

    That´s absolutely the spirit!

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