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    A lil fix on the 1st frets slot that i fixed before, but the sawdust didnt´t get soaked by superglue in the deep, so after shaping of the fretboard i had to go again. Now it shall be good and not visible under the fret...


    Luthierism... not possible without superglue




    Oh no! - Let the fun begin!

    After few mins i had my own guitar shape - good? questionable! One that i have never seen - for sure. I just cannot make a copy of a copy, those can be bought.


    Installed a new blade on my cheap cheap cheap bandsaw - and hell - that tool cuts so precise!!!! I love it



    and it´s relatively silent - i did that cutting 10pm my family sleeping upstairs, the vacuum cleaner running on full was way louder, and i have a rather silent one (says the ad)


    trying to save bigger throw away parts for potentional back-cover and fixes 😉 and stuff


    Hah - that went well, didn´t take 10 mins and i am everywhere 1-2mm away from what i´ve drawn.





    let´s try some...



    if it´s gonna be playable or not - i´m happy already



    ok, drawing some outlines and some carving lines to call it a day


    love the look of that back already




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  2. Back and straight back to my lil project.


    Had time to do a lot of thinking the last days, i think in my head i have a plan to go step by step till the end now... lol


    First i wanted to finish the neck so far to be able to start on the body ... and neckpocket. Was thinking if i should finish the neck first completely, but that would not leave me the opportunity to fix possible non-optimalities, yeah let´s put it that way on the neck side.
    So first i had to finish the sides on fretboard level to get the final pocket-shape


    My version of a good fret-leveling beam, at least that´s the thing that has to be dead straight and affordable. First i went with the plastic one, it´s good but not dead dead straight, so i went back and got the metal one.


    sandpaper wears so quickly, but i don´t think working it wet on the plain wood is the best idea... went from 40gr to 120


    rounding of the pocket edges... already i shiver when thinking on routing that pocket and creating the break-angle!?


    ultra-straight on both sides


    got me a new shiny middle-line, a bridge-line... measured 12th that was 32.4mm - so bridge is or must be 64.8... and that matches with the number i had in my head. And i  started drawing a shape - well when i build a guitar from scratch - can i possibly go with a shape someone else has created and rebuild that - no! Even if mine was ugly, no.




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  3. I´d suggest the following order for that weeks bass:

    (INT) White Limo 5.5
    (INT Bonus) Thin Lizzy 5.5
    (ADV) Beach Boys 6.5
    (MC) The Gog Song 7

    and we only would need a MC replacement if there are complaints because of the tuning.

    Nice week that is! ROCK!

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