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  1. i´ll be back for those fresh sounding guys
  2. not easy, but waaay cooler to play than on guitar for me
  3. 8 for me - the ending section of the solo is way fast and 9, but thats only like 2 seconds such a cool song - i recommend the CDLC from @Nacholede of the whole album (!) to anyone, an hour of playing fun all paths
  4. Discussion about the diff votes is always welcome, keep those coming. Good answers @jellisjenius
  5. @coldrampage@Snakewizard Yeah, it was and is good practice to score by acc, then streak, in case of 100% also score, in case below we ignore the score and have two winners - quite stupid and hard to defend, yeah i know. Sorry it´s just the way. Of course not - there is an easy explanation - when multiple players reach 100 within the week they still have something to fight for - the score to get the crown that´s called "100 battle" (oh my where is @MilkManDan). In case there is no 100 that´s still the room for improvement. But those cases are rare rare rare, if you like one winner rather
  6. Fear not, @Mikson you win bass Well done @jellisjenius - will be a damn cool week
  7. Player XP Levels have been updated. Have a look at your progress over time if you like
  8. 17 (!) Runaway Train ... whats in my head? a campfire classic ... maybe easy to play sure hard to make an interesting Version, yay
  9. Oh boy!!! That songpick of mine was golden. Wonder what you would have answered when i would have told you like 4 months ago that in march you were gonna do a song where laying down the proper rhythm and lead arrangement as well as your very well recorded solo using the DT Whammy would just be natural accessories done without pain because you were focusing on getting the vocals down full force............ dammit, cool. It´s such a cool small but immensly powerful song that cannot be done emotionless, and you did great. Fun thing that you doubled the chorus while i doubled the verse. Very good
  10. hard on the edge to 6, yes Great week, @Mikson, excellent ratings
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