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  1. nice speedmetal training it is so needed, cool song - esp. that slower epic middlepart
  2. phhhhhh, way above my soeed - not a chance i can make that sound any ok - 8
  3. nice chilly song, tapping practice also, 6 exactly
  4. Hah... true i remeber it now also, was quite cool.
  5. Nice week!!! I think first time Therion im the CS ever.
  6. oh man, boys you keep me fighting a lot that week
  7. @jellisjenius massive week!!!! There are song arrangements that have not been used and have not been played before - please make sure to put those into the Spare Arrangement Sheet in SSL - otherwise we get too much of a mess and waste arrangements, and it´s damn handy when a missing arrangement is needed. Rock on, great work, Rod.
  8. @Mikson - thats already a very chalenging score, bravo - thx for kicking me. Especially it´s great to have scores to tackle witzhin the running week and not only 2 or 3 hours befor week change. Dunno if i can get that one or will die trying...
  9. such a cool song, didn´t listen to that for a long long time, 6 to 6.5, yes
  10. well played, @Mikson - lead is yours i fear
  11. @diceslinger guitar, bass, vocals, no post recording effects whatsoever Ok found time for a lil info. I though suggest you listen first, read later. That was much fun again. There are some songs i really have in my brain accurately though not listening to them for years. That´s one of those. Right the moment i read we had to do that i was thinking i´ll make a very basic campfiry version guitarwise to remember (as you know was the reason to start the whole thing). So for a start i listened to the song once, bought the dlc, played the guitar parts, then looked at the chords from
  12. a hard 5, yeah - you master that, you jump to adv
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