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  1. Oh you fighter! 97 on that Therion song, and kicking me on rhy there - nicely done!
  2. .... or... i remember why they call me the Rodman and start playing some fxxin D
  3. @Mikson @diceslinger thx for making me do that song for hours, i never would wihout the competition As i refuse to RR most of the time, also here i will probably fail to kick you, just not good enough on transitioning to the tapping, and sometimes in the tapping, though it started to sound good. About no mistakes elsewhere.
  4. Hi - cool you are here! You may choose any difficulty you like on any path. Just post a score. Rock!
  5. lil + great scores, already boys!!!!! Bravo!!!
  6. Hei Mann! Great to read all that. Esp after that concert that would have been broadcasted live was also cancelled. I'll be there for sure. Waitin for that CDLCs also Rock!
  7. what a fabulous beginner song to really get into the groove of bass playing for the first time, diff 2
  8. nice speedmetal training it is so needed, cool song - esp. that slower epic middlepart
  9. phhhhhh, way above my soeed - not a chance i can make that sound any ok - 8
  10. nice chilly song, tapping practice also, 6 exactly
  11. Hah... true i remeber it now also, was quite cool.
  12. Nice week!!! I think first time Therion im the CS ever.
  13. oh man, boys you keep me fighting a lot that week
  14. @jellisjenius massive week!!!! There are song arrangements that have not been used and have not been played before - please make sure to put those into the Spare Arrangement Sheet in SSL - otherwise we get too much of a mess and waste arrangements, and it´s damn handy when a missing arrangement is needed. Rock on, great work, Rod.
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