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  1. anyone problems with white zombie file??? Crashes me at sog selection!!!
  2. No extra load on he mods when we go 4 classes / 2 weeks Same situation here - gives me a so needed goal to improve on one or two specific given songs . For me the extra week would be a clear benefit to push the score and my skills further instead of starting over again.
  3. +1 both votes... - 2 weeks: Oh i wish i was back @ university or school :) - just wait till you got a time consuming job, family with 2 kids and then you look back and compare the spare time for hobbies ;) For me, and i am a bloody beginner one week is quite unsatifying most of the time. Though having stopped all other activities aside and thus getting 60-90 mins 3-4 times a week aint enough to master my classes song, absolutely no time to really learn the next classes song. And i think i am not alone... I have checked the leaderboard from the beginnings yesterday and if you look back
  4. I think everybody would be better off with 2 week intervals for most of us have lots to do aside...
  5. Right - there is probaly no need and space for a class between beg and int, i rather thought about a class between int and mc and maybe an additional "insane" or for the Quake people amongst us "nightmare" class for the cracy guys aroud getting 97%+ on their first tries on mc songs...
  6. .... another thought.... if there are enough competitors, and it is decided to do lets say 5 classes we should consider doing 2-week competitions as there would be a massive increase in administration.
  7. See I've been thinking about that myself, it's a shame we don't have more players because three classes really is a bit too restrictive. Maybe Bachsmith will cause a classical custom revolution which makes loads of players come to Customsforge :) Totally agreed, 5 Classes would surely be wonderful but as long as we don´t have at least 10 active players in each class per week that would be rather counterproductive... So what we have to do is spread the word, gather some competitors :ph34r:
  8. sleep well, lil Puta! lifetime 1st 100% - never thought thismight happen holding a bass :wacko: :D
  9. 4 tha day... C#5 rs rcgntn pulling my nerves...
  10. guitar B - grrr s many randm misses as expected...
  11. ... hmm, maybe i can bring this baby 2 sleep ....
  12. First try, 2nd in my life bass run, first with REAL BASS... man, and i never checked why any1 wanted 2 play bass.... :rolleyes:
  13. Thx for the reply, the slight signs they might not be pushing this series too much for me is that first there is about no Advertising for RS in europe which is really strange - german Amazon Ranking in Games atm steam #449, PS3 #1424 XBox #1148 and second the official Statements for a Sequel are that there is no Sequel planed atm, they are gonna concentrate on DLC for the title ... Does anyone know if there is any Promotion in asia? R.
  14. Well, i think there are at least 2 reasons they HAD TO PROMOTE IT AS A GAME, not a musicians tool... First the Gamers market is a huge one, the guitarist market is close to non existent when it comes to "search for expensive Software that makes me better", besides there are a lot of tools that promise that. Second gamers like to game and are willing to donate their time into practise. Close to everyone knows someone with a guitar and if you are a Rockband/Guitar Hero gamer and see the first time how well the recognition of RS works you are in... As a matter of fact i showed RS to a close fri
  15. corrected, thx... gonna be embedded again, soon...
  16. Did not know that everyboby wanted to be an Astronaut.... anyway... https://www.dropbox.com/s/3sv3bd9mb8mm118/Astronaut.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/ke58amjq3ilnrkf/Astronaut2.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/38f463aijtvr6a5/AstronautR1.jpg
  17. @frequency festival - kyle gass band live, but Gr8 songs - lets mf go!!!!
  18. .... damn i shoulda get my things together.... really :)
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