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  1. Any clues on where to find the cdlc for a song that's on the official Rocksmith 2014 playlist? Postscript - found it here, if anyone else is looking for it: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\songs.psarc
  2. Is there any way of exporting / downloading the tabs of a song from Rocksmith? Thanks!
  3. Ummmmm... embarrassing ... I figured out that the problem was in the RS game itself - I had set a filter to only show my favourites rather than all of them. Once I removed the filter, to show All songs ... they ALL showed up. Duh!!!
  4. Thanks @firekorn I did all of that ... some of my CDLCs work and some (those downloaded more recently) still don't. Very odd.
  5. I updated RS Remastered yesterday, after not using it since late 2016, and added some more CDLCs. All the CDLC that I had downloaded previously (in 2016) still work fine, but none of the new ones that I've loaded after 2016 are working. I tried removing the old .dll and downloading a new one from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QhJqyhZthcTS_EyiDqJG_mmLcz1Gymcu/view?usp=sharing but that didn't help. Can anyone see what I'm missing? Many thanks
  6. Hey, does anyone know how to add to the practice tools and mini-games on RS? e.g. what software to use? Thanks!
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