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  1. @Mikson @AllPlayers - .... hardest beginner song ever.... well i tried to level up to int on Rob Zombie - Black Sunshine and made it to 98.05 in 85 tries 6 years ago if i remember correctly, that one may be even a bit harder... but the song this week being int/adv, absolutely agreed, ... howecer that was our rating then, actually it was a straight 3 - so it´s da capoed as Chuck Norris beginner challenge. And always remember... when Chuck Norris is doing push ups he actually pushes the world down.... and so shall you! Rock! Chuck Norris does not do phone calls, he screams!
  2. thats nice, such a cool band, i hope i will ever see them live again
  3. 10 week-leaderboard updated. Int Rhy get a challenge, too.
  4. ah, such a nice week. @MaZtoR - do you remember how much fun Teen Spirit was there back in the w75 days?
  5. Hah, just as i remembered... beginners get a REAL challenge that week
  6. That´s why i direct-linked it. It´s gone in the database, not in my database though.
  7. Yeah, i was updating winners the last minutes, just wanted to already post the week so you hungry ones could already get the songs. A great week we shall have.. Only very cool songs. Everybody should try the Xutos song, made it to my permanent RS playlist since then.
  8. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 393 =- FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners: Lead: Beginner: @someotherbruce Intermediate: @DarthStrom Advanced: @Mikson Masterclass: @Snakewizard Rhythm: Beginner: @someotherbruce Intermediate: @kayteck Advanced: @Mikson Masterclass: na Bass
  9. great scores, guys - not a chance for me
  10. It means the player falls out of the leaderboard because he has no counting scores (places 1-4) from the last 10 weeks anymore.
  11. Oh man.... I see myself sitting in a Bar, having a beer, and then a guitar guy starts the evening with that version. silence spreads, ppl listen. Statement set. Really swingy, so slow, soo groovy. So dark. Well i think that is really a propper song for you to do when grabbing a guitar at some friends place or somewhere, you really made that yours. Bravo, If i ever shoot a movie - you will be there in a scene sitting somewhere in the back playing exactly that. Nena - of course. Thats gonna be a party.
  12. It says 2177 songs right now (with the xmas songs disabled) ... Thats all the songs from the Championships from the beginning plus ..... oh no! 300 purchased DLCs
  13. what a crazy bass week!!! oh yeah. 8.5ish
  14. thats a really really cool bass track
  15. ah, i love that album. hard song, 9 of course for the solo
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