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  1. sorry its been a while. How do you then get CDLC files to work? I don't have a white screen anymore but all of my CDLC songs let me tune then never show the notes or start the song. neeeever mind. For anyone that might not remember, you have to run the patch each new install. found below
  2. This. Directions are above. http://customsforge.com/topic/49767-rocksmith-tools-launcher-for-mac/?do=findComment&comment=301299
  3. @yaniv800 why is this important? I only used the laughing word (lol) because this request is really stupid and you and your entitled attitude bugs me. It is more of a cringe. You didn't make me laugh. This tool lets you play a ton of songs on top of rocksmith's huge list. Discover what you like anywhere else... like a music player (spotify, itunes, youtube, the internet... search for whatever you are looking for... Then see if it is in rocksmith. You want them to waste their time coding something when there are apps dedicated to do it? :baby_symbol: This is nuts. You sound uninspired, lazy, and needy. Excuses, excuses. There are plenty of tools that let you listen to curated playlists geared for people trying to discover music but not look. Use one of them. Then come here and play it on guitar. Mods should not have to answer this. Its just giving more attention to a ridiculous request.
  4. A rating system will never happen and it was the downfall of the previous site before CF. A user can rate a custom bad just for not liking the artist. I was there around the end of SA and the rating system hurt a lot of charters. Rated songs 0 even if the CDLC was good. What we will introduce is a new like or report system. You can like it if you enjoy it, and add it to your collection. Or you can report the cdlc and give reasons why. But we will NEVER introduce a star rating system. No proper search engine? Ignition is our search engine and does its job I have no clue what you are on about. I agree there has been problems within the last 2 years we were near deep with an ignition prototype and our developer disappeared. We had to start over and that screwed us pretty hard. That's why this time I was involved so I could help document and learn the code. But I still don't understand how you don't use Ignition properly. I have thousands of CDLC even after my hard drive crashed its not hard to discover CDLC if you go through artist view and download songs. I'm going to have to majorly disagree with you there. I found out that the Ulitimate-guitar rating system is pretty good ; It needs 3 votes to show the rating and if the user update his tab the rating is starting all over again ; you can also make it that only users with 50+ messages can rate a cdlc ; but still i can understand how trolls can ruin the charts i just trying to find away that people will find out the good cdlcs over the bad ones My problem about the search engine is that i cant found out what im looking for For example i want: 2000s music ; female fronted ; pop ; youre search system doesnt allow me to make it and thats what need to be fix Because when i want to put up some rare charts in this website they are just got buried upon others cdlcs and getting really low downloads and thats because people dont know what it is ; and people wont click on them (even to show up the video) because there are too many cdlcs Maybe my solution is to force charters to do at least 3 Tags to explain what the songs are ; and that will show up next to the cdlc Another solution is to give a medal(that people will think its like offical chart) next to trusted users who are known as making great cdlcs ; that way it will help people choose the good cdlcs I appreciate youre work around this website and i understand you are working around to get a new version and its not all youre fault Im as a charter i dont really having fun when my cdlcs turn into a block of texts and people cannot discover them unless they know the bands name And recently when putting up some rare cdlcs that got no tabs and getting 20 downloads+10 more after a week (on my new user) Sometimes i request my cdlcs on twitch to get people to know the songs more but most of the streamers dont know those songs and already playing plenty more charts so people cant really get there what the songs about too Thats why i prefer that people will know them here with a system that explain the cdlc rather then twitch where people just get to hear it played alongside many others and get confused And people dont click on it ;trust me i got too many cdlcs and its super rare to see some giving you a thank you The new ignition will have tags, so that's a plus. Thats solve some problem and thats a good start ; And my other suggestion are also good hope that there will be a full solution lol. Force charters to tag so that you can find songs based on the sex of the musician? Sounds like you don't know what you are looking for.
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