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  1. sorry its been a while. How do you then get CDLC files to work? I don't have a white screen anymore but all of my CDLC songs let me tune then never show the notes or start the song. neeeever mind. For anyone that might not remember, you have to run the patch each new install. found below
  2. This. Directions are above. http://customsforge.com/topic/49767-rocksmith-tools-launcher-for-mac/?do=findComment&comment=301299
  3. @yaniv800 why is this important? I only used the laughing word (lol) because this request is really stupid and you and your entitled attitude bugs me. It is more of a cringe. You didn't make me laugh. This tool lets you play a ton of songs on top of rocksmith's huge list. Discover what you like anywhere else... like a music player (spotify, itunes, youtube, the internet... search for whatever you are looking for... Then see if it is in rocksmith. You want them to waste their time coding something when there are apps dedicated to do it? :baby_symbol: This is nuts. You sound uninspired, laz
  4. @@djozzie I wish. I don't think there is.
  5. A rating system will never happen and it was the downfall of the previous site before CF. A user can rate a custom bad just for not liking the artist. I was there around the end of SA and the rating system hurt a lot of charters. Rated songs 0 even if the CDLC was good. What we will introduce is a new like or report system. You can like it if you enjoy it, and add it to your collection. Or you can report the cdlc and give reasons why. But we will NEVER introduce a star rating system. No proper search engine? Ignition is our search engine and does its job I have no clue what you are on about.
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