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  1. I was a kid when Black Velvet came out, but I loved the bassline in it back then and it was one of the songs that made me pick up a bass. Still a great song and some lovely tasteful playing on it. Servitude was a tough one. My wrist hasn't recovered yet!
  2. It's a shame the bass isn't fully transcribed on this track, would have been more fun if it matched the original a bit better: This one is insane! Don't think I'll try to get a better score, I'm happy I got through it without any Xs:
  3. I agree with others that AC/DC and Arctic Monkeys should switch position for difficulty. I would say AC/DC is a 4? Got lucky with the Kreator track and got it on my first go - certainly wasn't expecting that.
  4. Fun song, nothing too tricky: Another fun song, slightly trickier: This one took me a few tries . The main riff is very quirky, it's interesting playing in such a weird time signature: Strangely when I played this in Learn a Song it showed as 100% even though I'm sure I missed a few notes. Tried again in Score Attack to get a more accurate number. This is mostly ok, if I played through it a few times I could probably get to 100%, but it's too long and not interesting enough so this will have to do:
  5. Is there somewhere that tells me how to do this? I looked at the spreadsheets but couldn't really figure them out!
  6. First time posting in this competition.
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