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  1. Could you work on Hospital for souls? Or Go to Hell for Heavens Sake? :33
  2. After sitting down for a while my butt started itching uncontrollably ;-; I haven't been able to play guitar in an hour cause of it ;______; Halp me ;-; I showered, but that made it worse .-.
  3. While I was messing around in TexMod I discovered that all the textures within rocksmith are changeable!!! So I thought I could make a tutorial on changing random stuff! c: Step #1: Download texmod Step #2: Click on target application and choose your rocksmith2014.exe http://i1382.photobucket.com/albums/ah254/connorgioia/Steptwojpg_zps9db0f037.jpg Step #3: Click on Logging mode, Check off: Draw control and texture info, Show texture on upper left corner, Replace Texture (with a green texture). Change output format to BMP. Log with F1(You can change this to whatever you want). Change y
  4. con2000

    Just Asking

    Wow...Okay c: I'll try generating customs for pc & 360 now
  5. http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/the-boy-who-could-fly-r6975My recent custom has alot of tapping, pinch harmonics, and bends c:
  6. Just curios, What was your first solo? c:Mine was in Nirvana // Smells like teen spirit xD
  7. Thank you c: I'm looking into it, I was just curious
  8. con2000

    Just Asking

    Thanks! c: I'll start doing that
  9. I Do have a question, How do chords work on the violin?
  10. I cant get the tone quite right in Southern Constellations, or The Boy Who Could Fly http://customsforge.com/topic/892-tone-requests/page-4 I need the lead tone in southern constellations & the lead in The Boy Who Could Fly
  11. This is just a list of side projects that I'm working on C: : Key: Done! C: Working :D Planned (: Bones Exposed You're Not Alone The Storm Product Of A Murderer
  12. con2000

    Just Asking

    I've only made a couple cdlc's, But when I use the toolkit I always Generate PC Only. Because I don't own a mac, ps3, or xbox 360. But:Should I generate them anyway? Even If I cannot support them? I still feel bad for the people on consoles
  13. Thanks c: Pro tabs are really hard to find for these :C So PLEASE IF YOU CAN FIND SOME I WOULD BE SO..Happy.xDI have a way of finding things from smithy anvil c: I'll figure something out& I guess I will combine them. The problem for me is the tone for Southern Constellations /. Much Complicated No problem : D I really love ptv, om&m, ect. And I didn't see much of it here :c
  14. This has been canceled due to high school ;-; I hope to pick it up one day. sorry guys :c Thank you all for the support!!!
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