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  1. Hi Unleashed2K. Can you specify what is the goal of this job? I just don't know if I am good enough. I've got some experience with client/server apps in c# and several applications mostly used for automatic testing or file processing. Unfortunately all my apps are without UI so I don't have any experience in that (only some basics)
  2. I'm from Czech republic - land of beer, so surprisingly my favourite drink is beer :-) Especially from mini and micro breweries where beers are made by classics handmade methods without any creepy chemistry. My favourite beer is 12° lager from Slavkov brewery (it is a small village where Napoleon Bonaparte won against Russia in 19th century). And the next one is probably wheat lager from Prostejov. So guys if you have a chance to visit Czech republic forget about beers made by big breweries (owned by Heineken etc.). Try unknown brand of beers - much better ;-)
  3. I'm really looking forward to your Clutch cdlcs. Ghost and Cypress Grove were my favourites in RS1 (including very good custom tone)
  4. I like every sub genre of rock/metal music. The only thing that matters is originality and drive. So it can be classic rock, stoner rock, heavy or thrash metal. Also some types of death metal or grindcore. Maybe my most favourite style, especially when I was a 15 years old kid, was some oldschool NY hardcore or punk (Agnostic Front, Biohazard, Warzone, Murphys Law etc..)
  5. I've donated $10 for the beginning. If there is any 'donator' status, it will be honor to have it in my profile :-)
  6. Hi Unleashed2k. I'll gladly donate this site, if there is any option to do so. Please post some instructions how to do it. I will be honor to have a donator status on this site :-)
  7. Thank you Unleashed2k for creating this forum. It is good to see here some familiar faces. When it become fully functional, I'd like to donate your work for sure
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