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  1. You dont need very expensive laptop thats for sure ; just something with good screen and cpu with graphic card inside it
  2. Amazing ; great to hear you play ; thanks!
  3. More Nao! Coming very soon! ,


    1. 322412421


      Update on this: Its 95% done ; tested it and it sounds very nice and cool , Added some special tones effects ,


  4. Its actually worked , thanks again!
  5. Hi So i have an song that have a piano intro of 30 second so i usually start the tab from there but this time i started after the piano intro and when i enter the song on rocksmith it starts the cdlc 15 seconds after that piano intro ; iis there a way i could fix this? thanks alot for the help
  6. More Denkare! Just cant hold myself for posting more denkare😇

  7. Rocksmith 2014 Customsforge.com
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