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  1. Hope you enjoy , too bad that i cant get messages like that , this website doesnt allowed someone that making cdlcs to get some some decent "thank you" messages
  2. You dont need very expensive laptop thats for sure ; just something with good screen and cpu with graphic card inside it
  3. More Nao! Coming very soon! ,


    1. 322412421


      Update on this: Its 95% done ; tested it and it sounds very nice and cool , Added some special tones effects ,


  4. Its actually worked , thanks again!
  5. Hi So i have an song that have a piano intro of 30 second so i usually start the tab from there but this time i started after the piano intro and when i enter the song on rocksmith it starts the cdlc 15 seconds after that piano intro ; iis there a way i could fix this? thanks alot for the help
  6. More Denkare! Just cant hold myself for posting more denkare😇

  7. This one sounds very cool !

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1686nKk6EI


  9. There is a user called SuperSonic ; Alot of songs are simillar ; Also There is a band called "lie and chameleon" and they are doing those jazzy chords
  10. So this is topic i made pretty much for me, to make listing of what i did and what i want but if you want to comment or give some advice or recommendition go for it So pretty much after i started this user and one of my first ideas was this game ost , which i enjoyed so much which is all psychobilly music , I also made pretty cool psychobilly bands into cdlcs that arent in this game of course all the idea came from this cool game So Here is what i did so far(Youtube links provided too) Gypsy Pistoleros Rubis Got A gun Una Para Todo Es Bandido (Credits) Swichblade Kiss Comes Close Chicas Peligrosa The Hypnohponics Scream Dead Meat Children Of The Atom Romance With A Rapist The Arkhams Shes Lost Control Knock Galley West The Undead West The Creepshow Rock n roll sweetheart Future songs to make: The Long Tall Texans - Why Did You Lie To Me The Hypnophonics - Invaison Gypsy Pistoleros - Crazy Loco Loquito Bert Selen (Composer) - Western Rock Knock Galley West - Murder Knock Galley West - As We Ride New Skool Kings - Surf Song The Chop Tops- Teddy Boy Stomp The Chop Tops - El Diablo Wet Theme 1 Anonymus - Thrash and Wet (Falling for Kafka) If anyone want to give a hand in making those and get one of the tab let me know
  11. Great! youre welcome People who appreciate are great persons and thats a big honor to make cdlcs for , Youre definitely can help alot by saying thank you on our cdlcs or actually giving feedback for the cdlc (if its too loud, bad tones , not accurate and so on) because sometimes when i make alot of cdlc i forget things and it may not get updated unless someone comment.
  12. take my tone for either "cradle of forest" or my latest "tokyo mew mew" clean tone Im already telling you that you would not find anything better because thats an overdrive tone that doesnt sound clean and not distorted and there isnt alot of those and they sounds bad ; i took my time to improve this alot so thats what you get use the middle pickup switch for this tone
  13. Exacly like he said ; From experience you wont ever find youre favorate bands on rocksmith Because there isnt alot of tabs or people that know that music; Thats all ill say ; im planning to do some christian metal or rock bands but none of them got tabs so ill need to spend alot of time or money so that will be delayed for now ; + im sure that i would get like very few downloads/comments that actually thanking me i was doing alot of bands that people asked and spent tons of money and effort and in the end i got like 40 downloads and bearly someone thanking me ; thats like the worst thing of being a charter that makes cdlcs here and thats why im not hurry for making the more unique /rare stuffs anymore
  14. Oh so i only downloaded the original Eof and not used the hotfix ;thanks for telling me that!
  15. ah I remember having this issue once. How'd I fix it? "open the text file and click file, save as .txt and change the encoding to ANSI", lets try that. Yep worked for me. Give it a go Wow man thanks alot , finally worked after along time ; have a great day !
  16. Im having an issue importing lyrics for a really cool japanese song i made while using Ultrastar creator and getting the error "Cant import lyrics" first time having this issue , also tried to delete the japanese letters that was there Heres the file for the song: https://www.dropbox.com/s/296i5gar3u5fzn7/Man%20With%20A%20Misson%20-%20Dive.txt?dl=0 thanks for anyone who help! means alot
  17. If youre looking for something unique in this site , there is rockabilly or punk music that is super unique , im uploading them each week here is example for one of the upcoming cdlcs ;
  18. wtf +1 No idea why someone would want to play this LOL Its actually looks possible to make it its sounds like random pull offs and hammer ons with additional notes to make it sound more annoying + its changing each time to make it sound more awful?!
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