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  1. wow, my cdlc folder is expanding rapidly! i just wanted to give some feedback since you all went to the trouble of responding to my post. im going off of file names that i downloaded so i might be getting some of the band names incorrect so i apologize in advance for that. in order of download: OrangeCoffee Xi-on Paleontology Crow's claw Kana Boon Tsukasa Tawada Yuzo Koshiro Kotaro-Oshio Galneryus Oral Cigarettes Coda Dali Houkago Hellsing OST Yasushi-ishii Yoko-Takahashi The-Seatbelts
  2. nice! I really like all of these. i think you got it straight on with Xi-on - Ice Fairy which particularly looks like it will be very fun and satisfying to play. got any more like Xi-on and OrangeCoffee?
  3. Hey all, im looking for new fun music to play in cdlc, but it's daunting to figure out new songs. i'd like maybe some lofi stuff or indie japanese songs. i like guitar that sounds like this starting at 9 mins in in the youtube link below. it'd be nice to stay in E standard tuning. thanks in advance! or some stuff like the guitar in these songs
  4. Nujabes - Aruarian Dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYRDgd3Tb44 https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/nujabes/aruarian_dance_guitar_pro_530949#81a05
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