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    I love making cdlcs to good bands , Making cdlcs for over 3 years(old user included)
    Update: retired now , will not make new cdlcs but will still update them
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    G'day mate!

    Any chance of grabbing the complete full album (including Breed & In Bloom)?

    Nevermind is an absolute favourite of mine.

    Many Thanks,


    P.S. I'm posting the message here because the system says your profile cannot receive messages.


  2. You dont need very expensive laptop thats for sure ; just something with good screen and cpu with graphic card inside it
  3. Amazing ; great to hear you play ; thanks!
  4. More Nao! Coming very soon! ,


    1. 322412421


      Update on this: Its 95% done ; tested it and it sounds very nice and cool , Added some special tones effects ,


  5. Its actually worked , thanks again!
  6. Hi So i have an song that have a piano intro of 30 second so i usually start the tab from there but this time i started after the piano intro and when i enter the song on rocksmith it starts the cdlc 15 seconds after that piano intro ; iis there a way i could fix this? thanks alot for the help
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