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  1. Thanks a lot, this is real music which everyone should taste. There's huge power in polish disco.
  2. 9-42 Ernie Ball in this pink box. I use D'addarios 9-46 now cause I got them as a gift some time ago and they are pretty good but less durable - at least I suppose so.
  3. FINALLY!:) HUGE thanks for you guys
  4. Great idea, thanks for your effort. Is there possibility to add something like "+1" or "like" to songs already reguested? Then most wanted songs wouldn't lost in flood of rest. I'm afraid that without somethnig like that this place soon will be messed and cdlc makers won't find it useful (too much requests).
  5. I checked this out. Tab looks pretty strange for me - I mean chorus, but seems to be ok anyway. I don't know if that what you've already done is whole lead part or combo but look at distortion part during chorus - http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/cranberries-zombie-tab-s431t1 . I think that both (that which you used and this one) are accurate enough but that second one gives me more fun. Genrally cool, can't wait final version with custom tone.
  6. Chłopcy, Chryzantemy, Znowu pada deszcz - grubiutko, mam nadzieję, że uda się kiedyś zobaczyć wszystkie 3.
  7. I mostly love heavy metal and its subgenres like metalcore, progressive death metal, nu metal. But also I try not to label myself, I enjoy soft stuff too - alrernative rock, recently some rap and I've always appreciated classical music. Generally I try to find something intresting in every genre except mainstream pop (Miley Cyrus etc.), trance and dubstep.
  8. August Burns Red. At least at this moment. This is my dose of energy and strength needed to everyday struggle with world, surroundings and myself. I got into them thanks to Internal Cannon.
  9. Hah, same here man, I've been listetning to this album non-stop for 6-8 months. Now I'm a bit bored but when they released this I was trulely amazed. To be honest I didn't think that anyone else here listens to DH :P (would be great to see customs of their songs someday). Except this, huh, really hard to choose but surely Constellations by August Burns Red and The Bends (obviously Radiohead).
  10. The Witcher 1&2, The Settlers, Gothic, Baldur's Gate, STALKER, Total War series - this stuff always in my heart but now (excluding Rocksmith) I almost don't play games at all. Sometimes play some matches in NBA 2k, occasionally L4D 2 or BF3 with friends and that's all. I used to play and buy games regularly and was pretty up-to-date with this topic till 2011. I have lots of great memories conected with computer games and some of them I'll always remember but I suppose I've grown out of playing, only old classic games which are conected with me by sentiment still give me fun, new ones usual
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