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  1. Happy Birthday Ulvinn!

  2. Happy Birthday Ulvinn!

  3. Happy Birthday Ulvinn!

  4. Never heard of Gojira before comming here - didn't they have a different name some years back? Well, shame on me for ignoring french metal - they're awesome. the CDLCs already made are also absolutely awesome. Opeth might not be what you're looking for, but they are most deifnitely worth checking out - the Opeth CDLCs are also of very good quality. Death is perhaps to old school, but extremely fun to play once you have them nailed down (guitar at least)
  5. Finished, but untested version of Lycantrophy. I'm away from both my PC and guitar, so nothing, including custom tones, have been tested yet. But if anyone feels like giving it a spin before I get to test it myself, here it is **Edit had a request for version with DD, can be downloaded here Lead, rythm, bass and vocals are all included, no DD as this is very easy to learn - possibly one of the easiest death / rock n' roll (Deathrock? new genre name perhaps?) songs to learn. Youtube video
  6. No progress this week as I'm out on a small tour with the band. Hopefully I'll have time to finish this next week
  7. Tones were done, but once they were adjusted in volume to fit the song volume, they sounded like a bad hangover. Still more work to be done. There's also some information from tabs that EoF couldn't handle, so still a little work to do to get the intro more correct. Chorus also needs small adjustments on both sync and tabs. i'm off for a few days of heavy drinking, so unfortunately this will be delayed to early next week. There are also minor sync problems with lyrics.
  8. It should work, just tested it without being logged in on dropbox. But try this instead https://www.dropbox.com/s/303vr0unybpncds/The-Cranberries_Zombie_v0_8_p.psarc?m= The final version with tones will be ready later today, so it the alternative link still isn't working please let me know. I plan on using the same dropbox folder when uploading the finished version
  9. Only thing missing now is adding custom tones - I'm away from my own PC, but I should be able to get it completed later today. Download link to finished version (without tones) for those interrested (bass, lead and lyrics) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wy19kj757lb04zc/-_YU3uWBo I can't test it as I don't bring a guitar with me to work (not yet anyways), so if you test it and find something broken, please let me know. DD hasn't been added, I'll make both DD and non DD version available once tones have been added I've combined lead / rythm into one track. Playing lead only would leave out the most interresting parts of the song (intro and solo), playing rythm only would leave you staring at the screen with nothing to do for extended periods of time. If there's high demand for a more correct version with separated lead and rythm, I'll make an alternative version. Distortion part is following bass line, I know some might be dissapointed about this. I've checked out some live shots, and unless my eyes are completely deceiving me, this is how it's actually played. There's nothing complicated about this addition, you only need to move one finger a couple of times.
  10. It's 95% complete, so unless real life, work or the house general (wife) isn't dragging me of to do something unexpected, it'll be ready today Gork.
  11. Quick update - bass tone and 3 of 4 guitar tones are done (echo, overdrive and clean), the fat 90's distorted sound from chorus is still giving a bit of a headache. Out here in the real life, with real gear, I can get very close to their sound with Vox 30 and a big muff pedal so I'm trying to replicate that in-game, but it sounds off. Clean amps with fuzz pedales are, it seems, the way to go. Expect a final version friday this week.
  12. Tabs have been completely overhauled, so the test version has been deleted.
  13. Thanks for the feedback Klopez. Chorus part will likely be changed a bit once I get a chance to pay it myself next week - my broken arm should be ready for action again Tursday. It will stay close to what I've already made, the songsterr tab i a bit too simple compared with what is actually being played. I've made a combo of lead and rythm to keep things more interresting, but I think that might have worked out better in my head than on a guitar. Something to test next week as well
  14. Guitar is done, my right arm is still as broken as it can be, so I'd really appreciate if one or more of you can give this a spin and see how it plays. Sync should be 100% OK. Custom tones haven't been made yet, so please ignore that for now. Bass, lyrics, custom tones and eof cleanup will be made early next week https://www.dropbox....ie_v0.1_p.psarc
  15. My broken arm isn't holding me 100% back, but it is slowing me down. I've decided on making this with lead guitar only, if there's enough interrest in separated lead and rythm sections, I might consider doing that. I'm still working on sync which isn't easy with only left hand available - but progress is being made. I've incorporated both lead and rythm parts into one lead track, for those interrested you can see the tab I'm working on here https://www.dropbox.com/s/srka6fh33c60zev/The%20Cranberries%20-%20Zombie%20%28Rocksmith%29.gpx I haven't cleaned up bass and lyrics yet, so ignore f....ups in those sections for now.
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