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  1. Hi, I did some editing on my Vocals track and now when I save I get the message, "Add MIDI phrases for lyrics/percussions not in lyric phrases?". I haven't seen that message before. Did I inadvertently add something wrong? Why am I getting that message?
  2. In Editor on Fire how do you add a note at a specific fret? I can right click to add a note but I can't change the 0 to a 3. I've looked everywhere online and in the program and can't figure out how to change the note.
  3. Hi, can you do Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere? I think that would be an awesome song to play. Thanks, -- John...
  4. It is actually quite easy to fix CDLC that have the 100% bug. Here's all you have to do: 1. Download the beta version of the toolkit. 2. Extract the toolkit to a folder. 3. Drag and drop the corrupt CDLC file on top of remastered.exe.bat which is one of the files in the toolkit. It says the file is fixed. (I just did it so I haven't tested the file yet though.) A couple suggestions I have before doing the fix: -- Right after downloading the toolkit zip file, right click and select properties of the file and click "Unblock". -- After you extract the toolkit, right click on RocksmithToolkitGUI.exe and select Run As Administrator. Then when the configuration comes up I just click "Close" and accept the defaults. I found that if I don't run it as Administrator the first time then it can't create the configuration file.
  5. I use the Recommended list and since the play count doesn't increment the song is always at the top of the list.
  6. Hi, There are a couple cdlc's where the play counter doesn't increment when you play them. What causes this and is there a way to fix them? Thanks, -- John...
  7. So, I won't even SEE the custom songs until I have Cherub Rock? Is that correct?
  8. Hi all, I just purchased Rocksmith 2014 for Windows and installed it this weekend and copied a bunch of custom DLC's into the dlc folder and they aren't listed in the 'Learn a Song' list. I liked Rocksmith 2014 so I decided to buy it and now I can't get dlc's that I put in the dlc folder to show up in Learn a Song. I copied the d3dx9_42.dll file into the Rocksmith folder and am familiar with this. I should at least see the custom dlc's in Learn a Song, right? Am I missing something? Thanks, John
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