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  1. Automata I official tabs here, if you want them for your back pocket or anything https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HH8EdYlnRHev290b0jnNJWU3XhVLIyER
  2. I don't know if albatross213 is still active, but Intervals just released the tab/GP6 for the new album, wink wink.
  3. Hi there. Anything from Plini would be greatly appreciated, as well as anything from G.O.D. (Guitarists on Demand). I know they have official tabs and lessons on their site, but I'm not sure if they're accessible online otherwise. But their stuff just looks soooooo fun to play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-tZ2n4Bxgs Edit: I should mention that the one custom for Plini is an objective mess and its album cover for the file belongs to a song of the same name by Coldplay :mellow:
  4. Have you ever considered doing Over the Future or something? That could be fun
  5. Bit of a random question, but I'm not exactly familiar with the majority of your customs and those genres, but I love playing stuff like Petrucci, Jack Thammarat, and Galneryus, (and Growing Up by MintJam, which I made) for the relatively conventional advanced sheddyness. Got any suggestions?
  6. Some comments on other creators works I've made have gone unnoticed so I figured this is the safe bet. Anyway, you change the scroll speed in the pop up menu for adding an arrangement. It's a sliding scale. If you didn't know this at all you've probably just had 2.0 as your default and ignored it. This tutorial has some remarks about it in one of the last sections: http://customsforge.com/topic/25393-albatross-guide-to-making-cdlc/
  7. - Sister's Noise - The intro to this is begging for a faster highway speed. I'd recommend at least 1.5 but probably 1.2 or something. Also just a general observation that 2.0 as a blanket standard is probably unwise, even if it's acceptable most of the time.
  8. Oof, I didn't even realize, I just figured it was always in "beta" lol It's just that I haven't had this issue with any of the other customs I've done using the same build (maybe it's just a random hit and miss thing) So where can I get the latest build? Your signature's link is dead for me (and should I uninstall this one first?)
  9. http://i.imgur.com/lDHtOVD.jpg Album cover is 512 x 512 Tones are imported. I've tried with various tones as well. Also deleted and regenerated the DD files What am I missing?
  10. When you have it go B - 12 A - 10 to G - 10 A - 10 near the start, shouldn't it go to a 13 on the B instead of that 10 on the G? I literally just started playing the custom for the first time and thought that was a strange thing.
  11. Thanks to Brutus Erectus for this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbvaIOat6Xc
  12. Priorities: Area 11 and LiSA I don't necessarily take requests, but if you have content (e.g. tabs) that fall under my umbrella, they'll be valuable contributions, and may very well end up as customs anyway if they catch my eye. Feel free to request any tabs or assets to help me out or lay claim to customs for yourself. Please post playthrough videos here as well. [sCHEDULE / GOALS] On my plate currently: LiSA - Mr. LauncherLiSA - Hands and SmileBe'lakor HusksMintJam - PhilosophyzDisclaimer that even songs that make it to this list are not immune to me bailing out of them (potentiall
  13. Unless I do the extended versions of ATLITS and BHGD first... I might have to tab the strings and synth so it's not minutes of nothingness! Movement III sounds really fun if it's not just power chords. Edit: I should mention that those bastards didn't even do a band score for it, so I'll have to wing it.
  14. Weeaboo scum! http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/weeaboo-song-r23432 Yeah, so I just found this thread, but since I'm here I'll just mention that I intend to fill out the discographies of Area 11 and LiSA, within reason and maintaining a normal life. So that could take months/years :P But it crosses the venn diagram with you for sure. Not calling "dibs" or anything since help means less work! At any rate I'd suggest leaving MS alone until the official tabs are out, unless making eventual v2.0's of songs aren't a hassle. Maybe I should ma
  15. Just wanted to pop in and remind everyone that Newton Abbot exists ;) Unless there are roadblocks I don't know about...
  16. U2's cover of Jesus Christ would be amazing. (more fitting for Easter, but...)
  17. Wow, thanks a lot! Infinity Land is one of my all time favorites. Like Irish Whiskey, I can't wait for Jaggy Snake and Glitter and Trauma. My Recovery Injection is fantastic too!
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