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  1. Mornin folks, As I was trying to fix a CDLC that I want to play, I found out that whenever I try to open the RS2014 toolkit, it just...doesn't. The circle spins and then a whole lotta nothing. I'm curious if it's my Avast AV, though I have disabled it and still have not seen any progress on this. Anyone able to help? Thanks a bunch!
  2. My Rocksmith toolkit won't open. On windows 10, newest version. I click the EXE and nothing happens. Any help?
  3. Hey guys, I'm working on a CDLC's tone changes, and I'm having a funky issue where it doesn't want to change back to the default tone when I insert the tone change. Basically it only changes tones once and never changes again, causing the song to sound kinda ugly. Does anyone know a fix? Would it be because the tone I want to change to is the default? Thanks
  4. Nevermind. I figured it out - sorry. Hopefully I'll be uploading this cDLC soon - though I'm not expecting it to be top-quality, haha.
  5. I apologize, but I have to chime in here. @@cozy1 that version of WWise does nothing when I try to install it. It looks like it's doing somethingm, then it's just...gone. I've been working on this cdlc for longer than I care to admit...and to see it fail on the last part...why?! :(
  6. THANK YOU! The Weezer inlay is one I've wanted. If you can make more, could you by chance do an ODESZA one? Cheers, and thanks again!
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