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  1. I downloaded the most recent version but it wont let me import rocksmith 2014 charts or guitar pro files so I can fix them. The options are greyed out for me.
  2. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/kwdqwjd651s6s/god_send_conspirator Here is the link.
  3. Ok i'll put a link up after I get done uploading.
  4. I need some help with fixing this custom song, I fixed the song in EOF but when I try to generate the custom In the toolkit I get this error. If anyone knows how to fix it please let me know, I will post a screenshot of error below. http://www.mediafire.com/view/42aqf5g1z6hzsb3/rocksmith%20toolkit%20screenshot.JPG
  5. I fixed some wrong notes in a custom song myself but the game still wont recognize the new version. I heard that clearing out that songs cache will fix it but i don't know how to do that.
  6. I further tested the song and it only crashes midway through if you play the song at that part, but a song that works only if you dont play the notes kinda defeats the purpose of playing it at all.
  7. That smell by lynyrd skynyrd crashes in the middle of the song for me and another guy for sure, but plays fine for the creator. Can someone else test this song out?
  8. I have noticed a few charters will have completely wrong slides, such as sliding towards the headstock for a higher note. I don't know how a mistake like that could be made, my guess is some charters don't actually test or play their songs.
  9. I for one enjoy updates, I wish more charters would fix their songs before making new ones. I wont say names but some charters have 5 or more pages of cdlc and still dont know how to do tone switches.
  10. The title says it all, how do you add in tone switches on custom songs?
  11. I have a decent amount of customs that are too quiet on the custom tones, you think a guy (or girl) who spends hours making a custom song would not forget one of the most obvious things about an electric guitar, they are supposed be somewhat loud.
  12. I know Dream On by Aerosmith is tuned down a hair. Playing that riff in e standard sounds pretty harsh, the high e and b don't ring well together in normal e tuning.
  13. Yeah I usually give feedback on alot of the songs i download.
  14. yeah jammin with friends on solos would be kinda cool but sadly none of my friends are either that good at guitar or able to read those rocksmith charts without difficulty.
  15. i played that version of green grass and high tides but i got mad at the solos being switched out and deleted it, luckily j1nn made a fixed version with all solos. I think the problem is some charters are just importing the guitar pro files and calling it a day, while that is the easy way to do it, it does not always work as some of those files dont translate to rocksmith well.
  16. yeah its only a problem in custom songs by bands with two lead guitarists or guitarist A and guitarist B (judas priest, megadeth etc.). I think some charters concentrate to much on matching how the band plays the song rather than what would be better for rocksmith which is primarily a single player game.
  17. Does it bother anybody else when a song has the solo or solos and lead parts split between lead and rhythm? I have ran into a few songs (mostly judas priest and megadeth) where the solos and lead parts switch between rhythm and lead and this irks me to no end. I personally find it it confusing when i get cheated out of a solo on lead and im sure a rhythm player is probably not ready for some of those solos. Does this bother anybody else or is it just me?
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