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  1. Yeah - i want the old site back with the slowness. At least it worked.
  2. I am getting the same error no matter the URL.
  3. Just like the title says. Is it not possible anymore, or am I missing something?
  4. csrutil HAS to be disabled to show the files.
  5. . Can you share the link It's right here guys - just one page back in this thread. Here it is again: https://drive.google...gUNRHdx96JlyvGY
  6. Catalina has been out forever now. Has no one figured out how to run this on it yet? [EDIT] I guess I should read the whole thread.... I got the one from Google Drive to work. I only use it to convert PC CDLC to Mac, so I can only verify that part does work. Running Catalina 10.15.5
  7. I had the same issue. I backed up my dlc folder and uninstalled RS using Steam. I then removed the RS folder entirely. Reinstalled and everything worked fine. Ran patch and added ONE cdlc - still working. Obviously, the problem for me was some bad cdlc files. I will just add them back one by one, and I should be OK. Gives me a chance to clean up some really bad cdlc's too.
  8. On mine, I am getting some that will play, and others that won't - seems about 50/50. I am going to just leave the game up. Maybe all those song need time to propagate in the system.... Yes, patch was re-applied.
  9. Thanks for the advice - I see there is a newer version. I will give it a go and report here. Your answer makes a lot of sense. [EDIT] This indeed resolved the issue. Thanks, @@Rockfirstlast !
  10. Is there an easy way to fix it?
  11. Someone else's work. I have seen multiple CDLCs like this. I just wonder if there is an easy way to fix them.
  12. Is there a way to fix CDLCs that display all Xs on notes and cords and generally display wonky? I would post a pic, but the forum is not letting me.
  13. All working here!!! Thanks everyone involved! I don't think it was mentioned, but the injector is not even needed using this patching method. - MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) - Sierra 10.12.1 - Language English - Rocksmith 2014 remastered (Steam)
  14. One more Mac user stuck again. If any of the guys that fixed it with the original Remastered update needs any info, pleas PM me. I will do my best to provide any needed info.
  15. I have been trying to create CDLCs too, but gave up. Much too tedious. I am comfortable letting others do it, although there are loads of songs that I would love but are not available. I sacrifice them to just play what others make and donate to keep the servers up. I'm comfortable with that. I wish it wasn't so difficult though.
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