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  1. I removed the lyrics and unchecked PS3 and it worked. Going to see about the lyrics tonight. Thank you so much! -k
  2. I tried the latest toolkit suggested by Alex, got thread exception error, so I removed the lyrics and am still getting a similar error. This is the output: *Thanks*
  3. A few years back I picked up a guitar magazine with an article by Steve Vai called "Freak Show Excess." It has several pages of intense excersizes covering all manner of guitar playing as well as training tips and insight from Vai himself. They cover a program that Vai believed would help make someone a much better player with practice of his key concepts. It might make an excellent base for a set of guitar training excersizes. I lack the skill and fluidity to play them myself, but if anyone would like them to start a project of their own, I can provide you with them. -k
  4. I'll try that tomorrow night when I get home. Thank you very much for a really fast reply. It just got me so frustrated tonight after putting the time in to manually tab the rough draft of the file, convert audio, do lyrics, etc for the program to crash on the last step. Just need a few hours away from the program. -k
  5. EoF has repeatedly crashed on me while attempting to create a pack for RS2014. It closes and stated the Toolkit has stopped working and gives this error: "files that help describe the problem: C:usersUserAppDataLocalTempWERAd8F.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml C:usersUserAppDataLocalTempWERC4A9.tmp.appcompat.txt CC:usersUserAppDataLocalTempWERC489.tmp.mdmp" -k
  6. I've been setting the BPM according to the tutorial using the Ultrastar Creator BPM and divide by 2. For my first song it was right on, and I figured it would always work, but for every other one, it goes out of time, and I have a super hard time fixing it. That's why I figured a tutorial would be the best way for me to learn how this is done. I've asked in chat for some tips but moving beat markers seems to make it worse. -k
  7. Hi everyone, as you may know I have been working on a few songs with my little free time and have been doing most of my charting manually due to issues with GP sync. I've been told changing the tempo and beat markers is the way to go but this results in the sync being further off. The original tutorial dealt with manual entry and not GP. If anyone could make up a video tutorial using and syncing GP it not only would be greatly appreciated, but I can almost guarantee you that the number of submissions to the forum would increase, certainly from myself. I have four songs in progress that are on hold due to sync issues. Thank you so much in advance, -k
  8. I think he's still working on IV if it's going chronologically. HotH is my favorite Zep album. I would make an attempt at The Ocean, but the level of my work is nothing like his. -k
  9. Just a place to put my current progress and motivate me to actually put in some time during the little time I have to chart... I put some potentials below so if you have a preference let me know, but I have very little free time to work on songs. -k Completed Songs: The Flaming Lips - "Do You Realize?" In Progress: The Cars - "Good Times Roll" Faith No More - "Land of Sunshine" Sparta - "Breaking the Broken" Sara Melson - "Rare Find" (Must be hand tabbed and uses a capo on fret 2. Will be uploaded in a rough format soon) Under-represented bands which could see some attention from me in the future: 311 Anthrax At the Drive In Billy Corgan Billy Joel The Cars Cypress Hill Denali Duran Duran The Flaming Lips Garbage Gorillaz Hot Chip Incubus (older songs mainly Science although I own the Make Yourself guitar book) Life of Agony Lovage Megadeth Mr. Bungle Neil Young Radiohead (missing OK Computer songs. Again, I own the book) Sarah McLachlan Secret Chiefs 3 The Shods Slayer Smashing Pumpkins (Rocket would be nice) Sparta Weezer
  10. To get it close you can use Ultrastar Creator to find the BPM. Divide the result by 2 and change the BPM in program. Then you can tweak it from there and move the beat markers. I'm still learning too and have had many times where I've been super pissed but don't give up. -k
  11. Many programs will give you the straight on flowing guitar tab. Rocksmith gives you feedback in terms of how well you're playing. It's been useful for me to identify right where I go wrong with a certain passage. @Maztor: You can run Bandicam (a free program) and record a video of the song going by, just don't play anything. -k
  12. As a huge fan of the Absolution album, Falling Away With You or Butterflies and Hurricanes would both be very appreciated. -k
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