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  1. i had a play through the songs today but i doubt if ill get a chance to better them as i will be travelling to Ireland on Tuesday and I quote, "if you play that bloody guitar while i am packing the suitcases you are going to need a good Surgeon to remove it from....... " i won't go on as it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.............but these are the scores so far. I can't leave it like this so i am going to try to get another go after work tomorrow........ cheers
  2. Love No doubt so I'm looking forward to this one, I haven't heard of the others but that's half the fun of this championship, it gives me the chance to try new songs. Unfortunately I'm going to Ireland on Tuesday which won't leave me long to get the hang of the tunes. Cheers
  3. heres my scores for this week, I haven't improved today as I cut my middle finger of my fretting hand at work so it was a bit painful using bone instead of skin on the strings. I may have exaggerated the cut on my finger slightly but couldn't think of another excuse. Thanks again for getting me to try new songs i wouldn't otherwise try.
  4. Well I had a good night last night, the misses went out and left me and Jack Daniels to concentrate on Blink 182 (after a quick look at the Shunkan video, in case I missed anything the first time) As a result I am now in the 90+% Lead & Rhythm , which I would never have expected after the first XXX Game over play through and 100% on Bass which has boosted my confidence no end as I wouldn't even have attempted this a few weeks ago. Thanks Guys and Girls
  5. well I have sorted the bass on Blink and made a bit of an improvement on the lead and rhythm by adding the D (blue) string on the 2 string power chord bits.....so now I use the A,D&G strings. It's a bit strange but it works for me https://www.mediafire.com/convkey/d53a/wjhfx3z74uktwgf6g.jpg
  6. I was struggling with the Blink182 song so I had a go at the others with varying success, but then I got caught watching the Shunkan Sentimental video (for guitar tips obviously).......... now my Misses thinks I am a dirty old man :wacko: hahahaha
  7. it might be a bit of a struggle this week.......... http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/4dfc/75el8ovdedu1or16g.jpg this is Blink 182......... most of you guys could do better using your feet hahahaha
  8. thanks for the song choice, it was a bit of a challenge and without this forum i wouldn't have attempted it. i stuck with it but have run out of time, Tottenham v Arsenal today......any Brits in here will understand the importance of that. anyway heres my attempts.......thanks to everyone who have helped me even get a Screenshot on here :P
  9. Yeah that's what I did but the red wound bit ends as the actual string goes around the post which shouldn't happen apparently. Never strung a bass before). It's working ok at the moment so I'll just leave it for now. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Well done mate, another must have bass song, you are a legend. Any tips on what strings for an Epiphone Thunderbird bass...... I just bought Rotosound but E String seemed a bit long......
  11. I think i have got it now......thanks for the advice and help.
  12. hi Guys, can you let me know if this works....... got 100% on bass then broke a bloody string.
  13. Still don't know how to post screen shot, when I click the blue square it says URL ..... I'm using a Mac and have no problem taking screen shots but having trouble inserting it.
  14. Ok I had a quick look at Mardy Bum-Arctic Monkeys and it seems like I'm going to need a lot of practice to become a beginner :huh: But I'll have a go over the weekend and see what happens, at least it is giving my fingers a bit of a work out. When do I have to submit the Screenshot by ?
  15. hi, if I were try one of the championship songs where do I show the screen shot ? I am guessing I just add the image to the comments box, but not sure, sorry I'm new.
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