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  1. well i couldn't leave the Green day score @22% so i made a bit of an improvement, its just the first bit that buggers me up the rest is fine.... update on the Blue Hearts Rhythm after a good Epiphany thrashing another slight improvement......... i hope i am doing the right songs as i can't see myself on the latest score board ( i was moved up to Intermediate in Bass, Lead, and Rhythm last week)..........but still showing in beginner Lead more to come this week, getting used to the songs now.... even had a little play of Blue Hearts bass :rolleyes:
  2. ok i have got the right song now. this screen shot may look bad but i have made great progress once i realised what was happening. unfortunately my fingers would not do what my brain wanted them to do which pissed me off a little bit. after a little rest i had a couple of runs on the blue notes just to let out a bit of frustration........ going to order some new strings now :angry:
  3. first screen caps for the week after a few play throughs i realised i was concentrating on the wrong bloody song again...... i think the bass song is the right one....... had a quick go at the right intermediate song....... lots of room for improvement....... also had a look at Brutus Erectus's video and decided i'll stick with the Intermediate for a while :blink:
  4. Well I have tried the songs in my new class and have quickly gone from rock god to useless twat One week I am getting100% the next week I am struggling to get 80 or 90 However ...... By the end of the week ill be still in the 80% but slightly less drunk than now. But we did beat Man U hahahaha
  5. well it looks like this is it for the week, I'm out on the beer tonight Cambridge, out on the beer tomorrow Liverpool street, London and Manchester united at home on Sunday.........just ran out of time..... i also did a 99.7 on bass but didn't screen shoot....... too excited hahahahaha have a good weekend..... cheers :rolleyes:
  6. Long live the king.......not too bad on bass its the Rhythm i was struggling with, notes weren't registering, fingers were all over the place, and for some reason i just couldn't get it...... then once i got over the 3 XXXs every bloody time it sort of stared to make sense...... this will get better as i have never heard this song before this week. the biggest disappointment was Come on Eileen. I fondly remember the drunken nights dancing to this (well jumping around) trouser less in many a drinking establishment and how dearly id love to be able to play it. well i still wish i c
  7. @ I think I'll stick with the Int for now. I knew I was going to struggle this week as I won't have much time to practice but if I did I am sure I'd get in the 90+% by Friday. So I'll just do as best as I can and see what happens this week, but I'll be back stronger next week. Thanks for the concern and I hope that @@Sebastien92 feels the same, we'll never improve if it is too easy :-)
  8. i started on the Bass song - long live the king which was just as well as i couldn't get a decent score on the Rhythm on the same song or The lead on Come on Eileen. it looks very much as if i'll be riding through the gates pillion with Deathryder again ....... and i won't be posting any screen shots of the Lead and Rhythm until i can score over 70%........... its going to be a harder week than last week me thinks...... :unsure:
  9. Unfortunately due to Guinness and Wild Turkey whiskey I have found it impossible to listen to any loud music today, let alone playing any kind of musical instrument. Looking forward to the new songs in my new class
  10. well i managed to get the new Apache but haven't had too much time to get on the lead but i got the 100% anyway so i stuck with the rhythm and got better with most attempts heres my final score......... this version is a lot better but i missed a note or 2 somewhere :( i also got 96% on Master Mode but should be doing better the amount of times i have played this...... well done for making this DCLC brilliant.
  11. I downloaded the new Apache which seemed a lot better, only played it half way just to make sure it worked ok. Now there's another update, can't wait to have a go tomorrow....... But do my previous scores count ?
  12. @, I see there is a newer version now with the Mac download, I'll try that later hopefully. Thanks
  13. Unfortunately I downloaded the new Apache, converted it for Mac, removed the old Apache and restarted..... When I tried to play it Rocksmith froze after tuning and even froze the computer. After restarting and replacing the new Apache with the old version RS couldn't find it so needless to say no improvement tonight. I'll have another go tomorrow, if not I'll be chasing Deathryder .....but I think I've done as well as I can on coldbound.....
  14. heres todays little improvements, Apache Rhythm ..... too many bloody chords (i agree with @Vodka), very hard to get the transition from one to the other as quickly as RS wants it.....played this song too many times to give up tho...... i have scored 100% 4 times on the Coldbound-Bass song but i am still behind The Deathryder.....at those gates still a while to go tho......... ;)
  15. surfing up 1% on the Apache - Rhythm struggling with 'that' chord that I am sure never existed a few years ago, anyway the score is going in the right direction.....slowly. then comes this weeks bass, which i hated but now feel strangely drawn to once i finish shouting at the guitar, strings, cat, doorbell, phone and anything else that interrupts Apache I will be closely following The Deathryder through those gates at the end of the week :angry:
  16. I had a real go at Apache, I am not sure about beat maps & Syncs but if i didn't get 100% my dad would kick my arse on this one so i played and played and played. I agree with Motive about the one miss = struck, that was a real pain .....and the ending seemed a bit strange, but stuck with it i also got better on the Coldbound Bass but hoping for 100% on this by the end of the week but not holding my breath as this was an exceptional run through and I'm not even sure i was hitting most of the notes, but this is what RS gave me so i'm keeping it. Apache rhythm is pretty hard for me, lots
  17. I already had Apache on the Mac so i'd had a few goes at it a while ago but gave up as it was different to the one i learnt, so glad it is in the Championship because it gives me a chance to really nail it.but not just yet :rolleyes: i never really played the rhythm so thats a whole new challenge.......and pretty hard for the BC The Rosette song i picked up pretty easily on bass. and i think i'll get a reasonable score on the Catamenia song, on Bass so long as i can get to the end before my fingers drop off......
  18. Love the beginner song, I tried to learn this with my Dad.....we were both shit but i love the song.... so this week is gonna be great. If i can get 98 on Apache i'll be happy on rhythm , bass and lead. and ill have a go at Roxette as well, hopefully i'll get a good score on bass at least.
  19. Heres my final scores, can't play Psycho anymore, when the guy says 'put on your war face !', even I think i'm a pussy....... wasn't sure which group i am in for the bass so i did Beginner and Intermediate..... looking forward to the next Challenge
  20. heres my Psycho score for today, i love the song but it has been a pain in the arse now i have had too many beers to try another time, tomorrow
  21. I thought i'd have a go at yum yum on the Bass just for a bit of a laugh, after seeing the 100%'s how hard could it be......... My fingers are now in a bucket of ice and my forearm has pumped up like a ballon.......this will be my last try me thinks. I have no idea how you guys do it, let alone do it again.....
  22. Still can't get the hang of Psycho I'm sure I'm doing something stupid but was making a slight slight improvement ........ but of course i had to have an excuse not to do better, i was thinking but couldn't come up with a decent reason then...... bang l. Looks like i over worked the E string a little bit :o so thats why i stopped :rolleyes:
  23. I'm with Diddie on the Psycho song , my head just won't accept it but as I have 100% on the Beginner Bass I'm going to continue with Psycho if only to get the 0.2% to get above Trevellyan :-)
  24. Well it seems i need to forgive my computer as i must have missed a couple of notes on the Metallica song as tonight I improved by 0.31% !!!!!! unbelievable ...... if i don't get 100% by Friday the Thunderbird gets it ! So i move on to Psycho, which brought a slightly better improvement of 3% but needs a lot of work but i have a few days to get to grips with it but still can't get the last bloody note..... just to end on a plus note........... I had only got a few 100%'s before i joined this Championship now I'm getting 2 a week.......amazing what a little bit of enthusias
  25. Been there many times. I actually found that I have fewer dropped notes since I raised my strings and started wearing a glove on my fret hand. This has particularly made a massive difference when dealing with low tunings. I think I would do better with a boxing glove on sometimes hahahah
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