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  1. Tonights latest news is that i improved a couple of songs slightly, first is Sabaton, Int up into the 98%'s then i had a go at the Driver seat Adv Rhythm, and then just before the misses came up and started explaining (very loudly) that i have neglected to complete various chores, and if i don't do them terrible things would befall me, i managed to play the bass Int just to keep things interesting and give @covihas87 something to think about :plus1:
  2. Thanks @@Rodman I might have another go at the Adv then & post a score as I quite like the song and I find chords easier than riffs. cheers
  3. No improvements tonight but I did give the advanced rhythm a go and got a reasonable first run ......86% No screen shot as I don't want to be added to the Adv group just yet...... Then I noticed @@covinhas87 has posted a score the same as mine on the Int Bass.......... If you look at the leader board it is clearly my turn to win this week hahahah
  4. My small Tuesday improvement / big mistakes which ever way you want to look at it...... i thought this one was going to be easy once i got the main riff right but i just can't help messing the whole thing up......
  5. Slight improvements for today, i actually managed to get a Drivers Seat score with only one cross....... and i had another few goes on the inter Bass, cos i like it -_- even though my hands are seizing up like an Inter Milan footballers legs. more to come on this though i think 100% might not come.........
  6. this song makes me want to ride bare aresd on my trusty steed at break neck speed through Epping forest carrying a sword and a pint of real ale........even i think i'm weird hahahahaha
  7. just to join in as i haven't had a 100% lately......bass needs a little bit more work........ Drivers seat i sort of get but struggling in parts, but this was harsh to say the least......89% quite looking the songs so i hope to improve a lot this week.........maybe :wacko:
  8. @@Vodka I had exactly the same problem on this song and other drop D songs, it seems on my guitar ( Epiphone SG prophecy) that I need to go lower on the E string after the initial tuning. I do the same as @@Rodman does but if that doesn't work I mess with the tuning knobs during the song until I get the recognition right, then start the song again. Try to be patient with it otherwise it is quite easy to start throwing things around the room and in extreme cases can end up with an Ibanez poking out of the computer screen.
  9. @@Vodka i hope you are not giving up that easy......i struggled with all these songs this week but it sort of clicked after a while. just slow e'm down and have another try.
  10. managed a few plays tonight, through immense pain and discomfort i soldiered on -_- took a few goes to get the hang of it, but getting there..... not to bad at this just lost it a bit halfway through........ i got into this one quite a lot but i broke the fecking string.......... but used second guitar to finish it....... and i had to have to go on the Irish Rover....... Is it bad to use a pick ? or just a bit naughty ? more tomorrow i hope
  11. Hi guys I know it looks like I make lame excuses at the beginning of the week but i took a terrible tumble in the shower last night and hurt my shoulder, & arm........the moral of this story is don't take a shower whilst raving drunk even if you 'smell like a pig', her words not mine. Anyway I'm hoping to try a few plays tomorrow if it feels a little less painful, there's already some big scores this week and I'm getting left behind due to my own drunken stupidity.
  12. Love the Irish Rover should be fun, I haven't heard the others but looking forward to trying them. Didn't really deserve 1st on Bass as I only played it twice (badly I might add) but hey ho .
  13. Last post for me today, got little legs coming round so its Old MacDonald Had a Farm for me tonight.....but had a quick go on the INT Bass...... http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/4154/ay8y3anqm2d30iz6g.jpg
  14. @@missis sumner on days like these just download the Temptations - Just my imagination (@jamesprestonuk) ..... (or similar) Pour a large Jack Daniels and chill out while playing this easy relaxing song all your troubles just drift away as you get 100% after 100%, worked for me :rolleyes:
  15. @@covinhas87 Apache was done a few weeks ago mate 100% ed the lead hahaha
  16. @@Gamut , thanks mate, it seems I need to download an app if I try to add a song via my phone or I pad but it seems I can do it on the work computers. I'll have a look for some good songs this weekend (in my opinion anyway ;-) ) I'll try to make sure they are good ones though. Be prepared for a bit of Oasis, Arctic monkeys, Shadows etc hahahaha thanks again.
  17. Hi, could someone tell me how to get a song onto the song selection list please. I'd like to suggest a couple but I'd be shit at suggesting a rating as most songs are 10's to me and I only manage to get a decent score if I play it 20-30 times........ How you guys get high 90's on the first run is beyond me. Thanks in advance.
  18. Small improvement on the Int Lead......... And i finally tuned the old Thunderbird to D for a go at the Amorphous song, i still think the singer has laryngitis or something...... but heres my first attempt (a lot of notes didn't register as my bass hates being buggered about withy the 'D' tuning) it seems to take a while to settle I think i could get more on these but time is passing and i'm running out of it. (just watch @@covinhas87 beat this.......by miles...........)
  19. its amazing what improvements can be made by playing over and over again, it also helps if the song is fun to play, here is my first screens of the week.... Flatliner's Lead.....buggered up a bit on the chords and the 7-8-10 bit... Flatliners Rhythm, still need to sort out a chord then i think i can be up in the higher nineties, great fun.... still dreading the Amorphis song though :ph34r:
  20. though = thought....... keeping phone throwing fingers in the bin.....
  21. Well I got an hour on Rocksmith tonight I got 85% Flatliners Rhythm, 75% Flatliners Lead, 93.81% Strokes Bass...... I didn't get any screen shots as I though I could better these scores but I didn't, fingers have gone soft and hurt after a couple of run throughs. I haven't tried the Amorphis song yet as its not the sort of thing I listen to and can't imagine singing this one on the way to work in the mornings, but I hope to have a go at some point before Saturday. Looks like a few hours on RR tomorrow........ Nighty night :-)
  22. Back from sunny Liverpool, hung over but ready for the new week. I have listened to the songs in my class and quite like the Flatliners song, but I suggest the Amorphis singer takes a lozenge as he seems to have a very sore throat. Hopefully I'll get to download tonight and have a go :rolleyes:
  23. Well no new scores for me, looks like no ADV score this week as I had no time. In Liverpool now to see one of my fave bands of the eighties.... Deacon Blue I find it strange that there is no cdlc's for such a big band (wish I could make them) Looking forward to the next weeks songs already and missing the guitar
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