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  1. lol @@covinhas87.......... i was expecting the famous last minute 100% from you, so i have been playing the strings off my Thunderbird..... but i can't do anymore. heres my best....... i even had a go at the Stone Temple song to take my mind off Maria......but my fingers were everywhere and it sounded awful but i got a score with no XXX's so here it is. looking forward to the new songs......... hope they are as good ;)
  2. getting into the Blondie bass at last...... big improvement. this weeks song has been superb and i'm not finished yet........ restart mode is engaged ......... :P
  3. Tonights improvements and probably my final scores......... Blondie-Maria-Lead still can't do the little lead bits but got a bit better..... then i got a small improvement on the Blondie-Maria-Rhythm, but sometimes the smallest improvement means so much and makes such a difference, so after a few restarts and a lot of swearing........ Ta Da and just as i was thinking i was getting good at this guitar playing game i had a go at Adv lead- STP........hmmmm not so good I've neglected the bass this week so i might get an hour or so tomorrow for a bit of improvement hopefully, good night
  4. @@Rodman my second try was the 99.86% so I wasn't worried about getting the 100% but after that I got silly errors so I did have a few restarts maybe 10 or more,but none of them under 99% I find this sort of song quite easy but struggle with the single string riffs...... Still not giving up though.... Just like the Irish hahaha
  5. Although this screen shot is not an improvement on my Int Rhythm I would like to point out the Longest streak and slightly higher score. the moisture running down my face tonight is not sweat it is bloody tears........... if i don't get the 100% at least i can say i tried & tried & tried............... going to give this song a rest for a day and see what happens. :crying_cat_face: The only thing that put a smile on my face was the Irish football team and the fact that we get Iceland next round ......... sorry @@Rodman
  6. I never realised how hard it would be to get a 0.14% improvement on Maria until tonight, I have played and played and played until the misses saved me and sent me to have my second shower of the night as I was "sweating like a big fat pig! " then sent me to bed for my own sanity. I have realised that either the Rocksmith CDLC Maria by Blondie only goes up to 99.86 % Or My strings are passed their best and require changing. Or The humid weather has affected the set up of my guitar(s) Or I am just making excuses and should try again when I calm down a bit. Either way its night nights for Mr
  7. slight improvement on Maria........ no way i will be able to play the STP track though ......surely not the same difficulty on bass How the hell didn't England score ?????
  8. Ah yes, some Blondie, E tuning and 'real chords' and great memories of the lovely Debbie Harry :wub: i think i am going to like this week. Int Rhythm...... Int Lead......... Int Bass and i even had a go at the alternative Int Rhythm Already I have beaten my 72% shit from last week and am hoping for another 100%........ maybe
  9. As suspected i have run out of time and as suspected @@covinhas87 has beaten my best bloody Bass score, and i forgot to screen shot my best Lead but it was shit anyway :rolleyes: off to the pub to watch Ireland v Belgium....... come on you Paddys ;)
  10. Nice score @@Vodka I wasn't going to play this anymore as my light strings don't like it but hey ho I'll give it another go I tried the bass on this toon but due to light gauge strings again I struggled even though it is much easier than the Inter bass toon plus different days seem to give different results, does the weather/temperature change tuning recognition ? Just weird that one day is ok then the next is shit, or am I just clutching at straws and looking for excuses ? Same with Buckethead, I would be really good on the bass but note recognition is pants, plus I had to superglue one
  11. actually getting to like the Masterdon song, not exactly humming it in the car in the morning..... but getting to like it a bit struggling with bucketed, well when i say I am struggling its more like my left hand is struggling......but hope to get a score soon. p.s. shouldn't i have got 6 points for my 100% bass effort last week....? before i was @@covinhas87 'ed
  12. slight improvement on the Masterdon rhythm......... long way to go tho....
  13. First try on the Intermediate stuff, not feeling so well but the hangover is totally my own doing. my fingers and wrist gave up on this one....... will get better on this just so @@covinhas87 can beat me at the last minute...AGAIN !!!!!
  14. last post for me this week as i am going to the pub to enjoy a refreshing pint or so to celebrate my new Rhythm-For A Fool-Shins score, which has taken blood, sweat (a lot of sweat) and beers (quite a few beers) ta da ...... If anyone beats this they If anyone beats this score they deserve the shine winners pick, cos i ain't playing it anymore as for the lead, I also me a little improvement and with time i could get even better but, beer is calling, still loving the championship, still loving the improvement, still loving you all...... :wub: hahahaha
  15. i have just noticed that i have played the Lead on this song 25 bloody times and i still have not got a clue on some parts..... but i must be getting better cause there ain't any XXX's now......... the rhythm is a much easier affair but no less frustrating when you get so fucking close to the 100% and then do something stupid...... every time... small improvement. ill have another go tomorrow, night night
  16. sorry to be a spammer but play this sort of tune better with a beer or 4........ even better on Rhythm........even impressed myself could do better but need to concentrate on the Shins....... need another 100% for the week :rolleyes:
  17. tonights slight increases felt a bit better ......... INT lead on SA which i never thought would happen then onto the INT Rhythm with my first 99% run which pleased me until i realised my numb hand was not capable of saving the screen shot for several minutes and finally as the beer takes hold i went onto bass BEG on SA, just to relax before i download the ADV song......... going to stick my poor fat fingers in ice now before trying again....... ouchie
  18. tonights slight improvements are as follows.....INT Rhythm, 0.2% is better than nothing As with the Lead, i still can't do it and i am finding it increasingly frustrating that you lot can do it, but reluctantly i will post my score as it stands at present, which is shit i think you'll all agree. maybe this song will just click one day and i'll be ok......... or i might just act grown up and walk away from it........or i might get pissed off and start throwing things about...... could go either way. :P
  19. well here's my score for tonight........ firstly INT Rhythm....... then i tried the INT lead but still can't get through without the dreaded 3 XXX's so i played the beginner bass to make me feel better..... hopefully i'll get to finish the lead but not holding up much hope........
  20. only one screenie tonight mainly because i have tried to play the Shins song before but gave up because of the 2 chords that my fingers won't reach......and all the other notes that my brain can't remember can play the bass though, gonna be a tough week on Lead & Rhythm :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  21. Got dragged out tonight on the beer so no improvement so @@covinhas87 is gonna get the bloody bass win this week no doubt. I can't even have another go tomorrow as I have been roped in to taking little legs to the farm...... Unless I get back early enough. But at least I'll get second hahaha Feeling for poor @@Vodka who has worked so hard to get first in beginner class, I know how you feel mate, and as Noony says, we all love Vodka :-)
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